2022 Planning: How to Create a Candle Scent Calendar

It’s time to start your year with a marketing strategy that’s going to set you up for success and create a curated candle scent calendar that allows you to stay organized and help boost sales for the projected year. The candle business is a growing industry that’s currently projected to be a $3.14 billion dollar industry annually with approximately 30% of all candles being created in the United States. While there is always an uptick around the holidays for customers looking to reinvigorate their space with seasonal scents, there is still a large market for sales of non-seasonal candles which accounts for 65% of candle sales.

Succeed this Year with a Scent Calendar

There is ample opportunity and time to capitalize on sales outside of the holiday season by being strategic with a candle calendar your marketing team can use each quarter. A scent calendar uses basic marketing principles of product development to be applied to your candles to help achieve real results.

Start planning your 2022 marketing strategies and audit your previous year’s sales and using those results to map out which scent selections to add to your calendar.

Scent Calendar

Determine What Candle Scents Will Boost Sales in 2022

There is time to look ahead and determine what scents to market each month by niche holidays or seasonal periods. For example, in February you may want to focus on bundling or pairing certain candle scents together for Valentine’s. Start by researching romantic scents or fragrances that can be marketed that month.

Scent marketing has become an extremely useful tactic during seasonal months to help elicit certain emotions or feelings from a customer, so choosing sweeter scents like jasmine or gardenia would be ideal for marketing this month. Candle scent trends do not have to be holiday specific but you can use the theme of a month to highlight certain candle scent categories like home scents, fruity scents, etc.

After you decide which candle scents help boost sales, you want to examine your candle offerings to determine how to repackage or promote certain scents to appeal to new and existing customers. Expanding your candle offerings may significantly impact your sales since the modern candle consumer wants options for their home or gifting experience.

A popular candle marketing strategy is highlighting the different types of waxes used in their candle products since this can affect the burn time, candle shape, and quality of the product.

When you are creating your candle scent calendar you can organize the marketing to highlight certain types of waxes and how they enhance your chosen scents that month. For example, soy wax is eco-friendly and burns slower so you can market this around Earth Day in April. While selecting, choosing, and creating a calendar around these types of niche holidays can seem daunting, planning a scent calendar is easier than it seems.

How to Plan a Candle Scent Calendar

There are several different tools and resources to create your customizable candle scent calendar. Determining the best option for your team comes down to features, prices, and marketing goals you have for the year. The first step to creating your calendar is selecting the host platform which vary from options like Excel, Co-schedule, or Hootsuite, depending on your goals.

Do you want a calendar that is easily shareable between team members? Are you planning to cross-promote content on social media? Does your marketing team plan to curate campaigns around new product launches? These are all factors to consider while you research and review what organizational tool is best for your strategy.

Once you select your platform, you’ll want to establish quarterly goals, review eCommerce holidays and niche holidays that align with your brand values, and organize any release dates or new candle scent launches for the year.

Having a candle scent calendar can help you identify your business goals for the year and determine what types of scents you want to market based on the previous year’s performance. Does your business plan to be more eco-friendly this year with your candle offerings? Are you going to adapt your packaging with new branding or labels? Has your target audience changed? Do you have a marketing budget for candles and is it strictly paid ads or will it include social media?

These are all crucial business decisions that can help with ideation for new candle scent categories, candle scent names, and your candle marketing plan.

Creating Candle Marketing Strategies to Support Your Calendar

Creating a candle marketing calendar is the first step to improving your business initiatives, but its existence is nothing without dedicated resources and actions to support it. Exploring online and offline strategies can help transform your goals and identify any blockers or holes in your planning.

Let’s say you planned out your entire candle scent calendar but forgot to identify how you’re planning on marketing those items, which can create a barrier in helping launch your campaign. Perhaps you’re planning to go offline and invest in billboards or digital advertising via a streaming platform, you’ll need the research and support to help launch those campaigns. Examine each quarter on your calendar and try to plan what marketing strategy you’ll be using to support your candle sales.

If you prefer to go with traditional marketing methods, you can create email lists of existing and new customers with segments based on certain initiatives to support your calendar. You can also create a monthly newsletter highlighting select product offerings and use content marketing to write blogs and create dedicated landing pages for select scents. Candle marketing is about combining all the elements of your product (scent, wax, votive, burn time, etc.) to create a sale and experience that keeps your customer coming back time and time again.

Candle marketing has never been easier with a candle scent calendar to help align and map out your business goals for the year. Start planning quarter to quarter if the entire year seems daunting, but keep your best-selling candle scents in mind and look for opportunities to upsell between the holiday season.