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13+oz Glass Jars

Our collection of large custom glass jars is curated to fit a myriad of manufacturer and retailer purposes. Our large glass storage jars in an array of shapes and colors are ideal for retailers wanting cool containers to offer in their kitchen storage ranges. For manufacturers, our Euro range of 100% recycled glass jars from Europe are perfect for packaging a variety of products. Each of our large capacity glass jars are offered with corresponding closures from bamboo or cork lids to metal or plastic screw caps. Don’t see the perfect jar for your purpose? We can create the custom glass jar you have in mind.

15 Item(s)

  • CG4730
    Starting at: $59.19
  • CG4731
    Starting at: $68.18
  • CG4755
    Pre-Order Starting at: $18.68
  • CG4757
    Pre-Order Starting at: $78.23
  • CG5054
    Starting at: $22.68
  • CG5055
    Starting at: $25.20
  • CG5056
    Starting at: $21.70
  • CG5084
    Starting at: $38.78
  • CG5290-SC
    Starting at: $37.80
  • CG5684-C
    Pre-Order Starting at: $63.62
  • CG5688-C
    Pre-Order Starting at: $38.05
  • CG5797-SC
    Starting at: $21.60
  • CG5798-SC
    Starting at: $44.40
  • CG5845
    Starting at: $60.00
  • CG5847
    Starting at: $52.80