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4-12.9oz Glass Jars

Looking for unique recycled glass jars to compliment your product lines? You’ve come to the right spot. We’ve curated a collection of glass product packaging solutions in an array of styles, shapes and colors to help your products stand out among the rest. You’ll discover containers for a wide range of products and purposes, such as our glass jars with cork and spoon and our striking Euro jar with metal screw cap. While exploring our 4 to 12.9 oz jar range, you’ll find each product’s corresponding closures, caps and accessories noted on each page for a complete packaging solution.

14 Item(s)

  • C5145.

    Starting at: $11.84

  • C5188.

    Starting at: $9.45

  • C5193.

    Starting at: $12.15

  • C5527.

    Starting at: $15.43

  • C5598.

    Starting at: $12.30

  • C6122-C
    Pre-Order Starting at: $34.45
  • C6145-N.

    Starting at: $15.08

  • C6154-N.

    Starting at: $16.82

  • C6527-N.

    Starting at: $15.34

  • C6598-N.

    Starting at: $13.57

  • CG5085
    Starting at: $28.70
  • CG5291-SC
    Starting at: $25.82
  • CG5689-C
    Starting at: $27.41
  • CG5799-SC
    Starting at: $28.56