Classico Double Bottle Metal Stand - Sample


Elegantly intertwining simplicity with functionality, the low-profile, oval-shaped stand, expertly crafted from metal wire, provides a refined and practical solution for storing your apothecary bottles. The black powder-coated finish assures a lasting resilience against wear and tear while offering a timeless, versatile aesthetic. The wire frame not only secures the bottles but also facilitates an easy maintenance and cleaning process.

The stand, designed to hold two bottles, becomes an ideal companion for diverse pairings such as soap and lotion or olive oil and vinegar. The wire frame firmly secures your apothecary bottles—whether filled with rich lotions or vibrant culinary oils—ensuring they remain steadfastly upright to mitigate spillage while simultaneously offering easy accessibility. 

Designed to fit items 5534 and 6534.


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Specs & Description

  • The low-profile design provides a minimalist aesthetic while serving a functional purpose.
  • The subtle oval form contributes both to aesthetic appeal and stable bottle placement, complementing various decor elements.
  • The black powder-coated finish offers a timeless, durable, and versatile aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into various environments.
  • The metal wire construction ensures sturdiness and durability while maintaining a delicate appearance.
  • Accommodates two apothecary bottles, ideal for holding pairs such as soap and lotion or oil and vinegar.
Cap OZ:
Cap ML:
3.27 (in)
5.71 (in)
1.57 (in)
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1 unit

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