Our Story

Our Story

Did you know we didn't start with glass?

30 years ago, our first products were Water Gems, and we brought in our first glass containers to display them in a beautiful, eye-catching way. After seeing our displays, customer interest in these glass vessels grew, and the demand for our unique, European design-influenced glass containers and packaging skyrocketed.

Group of Glassnow clear bottles and jars

That’s where our parent company Couronne Co. was born. Since its inception, we have remained at the forefront by closely monitoring influential design trends from Europe and leveraging our decades of established, time-tested practices. This winning combination enables us to consistently craft inspirational, eco-friendly glass containers and packaging, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

We took this even further in 2015 when we created Glassnow, structured to deliver on the unique quantity, quality, pricing, and sustainability needs of small to mid-sized manufacturers and artisans. We fulfill these container and packaging demands daily for our customers, made possible by our robust infrastructure and the flexibility to select the perfect manufacturer for each project from our carefully curated network of partners.

All of this is done with a commitment to protect the Earth and our environment. By offering recycled glass products that are both affordably priced and eco-friendly, we help industries of all types and sizes meet sustainability goals of their own.

We can’t tell you what’s in store for the next 30 years, but what we do know is that you’ll want to join us and find out.