Clear Trigger Sprayer 28/400 PP Plastic 1ml/Stroke Fine Mist, 160mm Straw


"Introducing Glassnow's 28/400 Clear PP Plastic Trigger Sprayers, designed to provide a convenient and reliable dispensing solution for your products. These trigger sprayers are made from durable and transparent polypropylene (PP) plastic, ensuring excellent performance and visibility.

Each trigger sprayer comes with a 6.25"" dip tube that can be easily adjusted to fit the height of the bottle you choose. Our 28/400 Trigger Sprayers are designed to fit bottles with a 28/400 neck finish. These trigger sprayers are ideal for various applications, including household cleaners, gardening products, and more. They offer a convenient and ergonomic design that allows for easy gripping and comfortable spraying.

Upgrade your packaging with our 28/400 Clear PP Plastic Trigger Sprayers, providing efficient dispensing and convenience for your customers' everyday needs."


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1 - 239 $ 27.36 ($0.57)
240 - 1199 and pay only $0.47 each
1200 - 30239 and pay only $0.40 each
30240 + units and pay only $0.37 each
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Specs & Description

  • Customers need to test the compatibility between the sprayer and the specific bottle they intend to use. Testing ensures the pump securely fits the bottle and operates effectively without any leakage or other issues.
  • Each sprayer comes with a straw that can be easily trimmed to fit your bottle size. For optimal use, we recommend cutting the dip tube at a 45-degree angle, allowing for seamless dispensing.
  • This product does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) or lead. It is Prop 65 compliant.
  • Straw length can be customized to fit a specific bottle size with a minimimum order of 5k units. To learn more, please contact your Glassnow account manager to discuss available customizations.
  • Accessories are specifically designed to fit our products and may not fit bottles from other manufacturers. It is the responsibility of the customer to test all items or closures for their specific use, as individual product requirements may vary.
Material Type:
PP Plastic
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