Metal Arched Fiji Glass Bottle Stand For 6546 - Sample


Elevate your aesthetic and functional experience with our uniquely designed metal stand, meticulously crafted to seamlessly suspend a 6 oz. fiji-shaped bottle. The stand, wrought from flat metal, transcends simplicity as it arches gracefully, firmly cradling the bottle by its neck at the pinnacle. A symphony of elegance and stability, it safeguards your precious liquids, from enchanting reed diffuser oils to gourmet olive oils.

Unveiling a paradigm where artistry meets practicality, this metal stand has been conceptualized for diverse applications. Its design assures ease in accessing and replacing the bottle while simultaneously providing a small profile for various spaces. Whether enriching your culinary adventures or permeating your space with alluring aromas, this stand is an epitome of refined utility, effortlessly integrating into various design themes.

Designed to fit item 6546.


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Specs & Description

  • Featuring a sleek, flat metal arch, the stand effortlessly combines functionality with sophisticated aesthetics.
  • Engineered with a sturdy metal, it ensures stability and safeguards the suspended bottle against accidental nudges or disturbances.
  • Elevates and highlights the contents of the bottle, providing an attractive display and easy visibility of the enclosed product.
  • Crafted from robust metal, the stand promises longevity and resistance to wear, maintaining its aesthetic and functional qualities over time.
  • The timeless and neutral metal design ensures compatibility with various decor styles, from modern to traditional.
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1.57 (in)
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