70mm Pressure Sensitive Foam Liner Printed


Designed with attention to quality and safety, our Pressure Sensitive Liner ensures your products are sealed for protection every time. Noting, "Sealed for Your Protection", on the surface, this liner acts as a reliable guard against contamination, while preserving the freshness of the contents inside. Made from durable Low-Density Polyethylene, it boasts a low moisture transmission rate and superior chemical resistance.  Its taste and odor resistance ensure that your products maintain their original flavor and aroma, free from any external interference.

To assemble the liner – simply place it print side down into the screw cap and affix the cap onto the jar. The pressure exerted from tightening the screw cap activates the seal, creating a secure bond between the liner and the jar, leaving the liner intact when the cap is removed. Whether you are packaging food, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, our pressure sensitive liner stands as a symbol of safety and quality, ensuring consumer confidence with every use.

Designed to fit 70/450 screw caps.


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Specs & Description

  • Features a noticeable "Sealed for Your Protection" message, providing assurance of product safety and integrity.
  • Crafted from Low-Density Polyethylene, the liner offers durability and resistance to chemicals and moisture.
  • Acts as a barrier against contamination, spills, and leaks, ensuring the integrity and safety of the product inside.
  • Glassnow accessories are designed to fit our products and may not fit products from other manufacturers. Productions may yield slight variations in dimensions.
  • The responsibility for the compatibility of any container or closure with a particular use lies with the customer.
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