Screw Cap 28-400 Black Finish with PE Foam Liner - Sample


The 28-400 Electrolytic Tinplate Screw Cap, characterized by its black exterior and gold interior, is specifically crafted for compatibility with bottles featuring a 28/400 thread. This continuous thread (CT) cap incorporates a Polyethylene (PE) foam liner within. This liner, made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), ensures a stable and effective seal with a low moisture transmission rate and resistance to taste and odor. These foam liners achieve a seal through the compression between the cap and the jar, ensuring the freshness and integrity of the product inside.

These threaded metal caps are 100% recyclable. The combination of a secure seal and recyclability positions this type of closure as a preferred choice for both sustainability and preservation in the packaging industry.


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Specs & Description

  • The compressible PE foam liner creates a stable and reliable seal, ensuring product freshness and integrity.
  • These caps are sized, coated, varnished, and waxed, resulting in a high-quality closure that is suitable for a diverse range of product needs.
  • The metal used is 73 lb. - 80 lb. Steel X .20 lb. Electrolytic Tinplate with a PE liner, ensuring durability and quality sealing.
  • Glassnow accessories are designed to fit our products and may not fit products from other manufacturers. Productions may yield slight variations in dimensions.
  • The responsibility for the compatibility of any container or closure with a particular use lies with the customer.
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