Screw Cap 28-400 Black PP Polypropylene Crown Rib with PE Foam Liner - Sample


The 28-400 injection molded black plastic screw caps are crafted from PP Polypropylene, ensuring a high-quality closure for diverse product needs. These caps are lined with a white, moisture-resistant foam polyethylene (PE) liner. This liner aids in creating a stable seal, ideal for repeated use, making the caps a popular choice for packaging food, cosmetics, bath and body products, and other general-purpose items requiring a leak-proof seal.

The exterior crown ribbed texture of the cap facilitates ease of use when opening the lid, enhancing user experience. Additionally, these threaded plastic caps contribute to environmental sustainability as they are 100% recyclable.


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Specs & Description

  • Lined with a white, moisture-resistant foam polyethylene liner, these caps provide a stable and reliable seal for repeated use.
  • Injection molded black plastic screw caps are crafted using PP (Polypropylene), a durable and versatile plastic material.
  • The textured exterior of the caps ensures ease of use when opening, enhancing the user experience.
  • Glassnow accessories are designed to fit our products and may not fit products from other manufacturers. Productions may yield slight variations in dimensions.
  • The responsibility for the compatibility of any container or closure with a particular use lies with the customer.
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continuous thread
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1.22 (in)
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