Screw Cap 28-400 Electrolytic Tinplate Silver Lacquer Finish With Plastisol


The 28-400 Electrolytic Tinplate Screw Cap, distinguished by its silver exterior and gold interior, is specifically designed for use with bottles featuring a 28/400 thread. This continuous thread (CT) cap is equipped with a plastisol liner, a material resembling rubber or vinyl, making it an ideal choice for preserving foods intended for future consumption. The plastisol liner is recommended for processes involving hot fill, wherein glass containers are filled with appropriately heated food or beverages and subsequently sealed with the plastisol-lined caps. As the content cools, an airtight vacuum seal is formed, effectively preserving the freshness and quality of the food.

These threaded metal caps are 100% recyclable. The combination of a secure seal and recyclability positions this type of closure as a preferred choice for both sustainability and preservation in the packaging industry.


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Specs & Description

  • Designed to withstand high temperatures, these caps ensure a secure seal at a minimum product temperature of 185 Degrees Fahrenheit in the jar after capping.
  • These caps are sized, coated, varnished, and waxed, resulting in a high-quality closure that is suitable for a diverse range of product needs.
  • The metal used is 73 lb. - 80 lb. Steel X .20 lb. Electrolytic Tinplate, and the liner is constructed with a plastisol, ensuring durability and quality sealing.
  • Glassnow accessories are designed to fit our products and may not fit products from other manufacturers. Productions may yield slight variations in dimensions.
  • The responsibility for the compatibility of any container or closure with a particular use lies with the customer.
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