Screw Cap 70-450 Electrolytic Tinplate Silver No Liner - Sample


Glassnow 70-450 screw caps are crafted from 73 lb. - 80 lb. steel x 20 lb. electrolytic tinplate, undergoing processes of sizing, coating, varnishing, and waxing to yield a high-quality closure adaptable to various product needs. Designed for jar usage, these caps exhibit a matte black color both externally and internally and are available unlined, positioning them as an economical option especially for non-liquid food products, such as candles or dry goods. The lids, featuring a ribbed edge on the skirt, facilitate easier gripping for loosening or tightening and ensure a superior seal on the jar. 

A noteworthy feature is the 100% recyclability of these threaded metal caps, underlining their contribution to environmental sustainability. 


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Specs & Description

  • A compatible liner (SCL070F) is available but sold separately, ensuring the option for additional sealing protection.
  • The threaded metal caps are fully recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability and reducing waste in the packaging industry.
  • The textured exterior of the caps ensures ease of use when opening, enhancing the user experience.
  • Glassnow accessories are designed to fit our products and may not fit products from other manufacturers. Productions may yield slight variations in dimensions.
  • The responsibility for the compatibility of any container or closure with a particular use lies with the customer.
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