Trivo Triple Bottle Metal Stand


The Trivo metal stand is an exquisite rectangle design meticulously crafted to securely hold three ball bottles. Constructed from high-quality flat metal, the stand embodies a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. Its sleek lines and neat proportions provide not only a stable base but also exhibit an elegance that complements the delicate nature of the ball bottles it supports. 

The intelligent design allows each bottle to suspend gracefully from the neck, creating a floating effect that simultaneously safeguards the bottles from inadvertent tipping or falling. Enveloped in a high-quality powder-coated finish, the metal stand resists corrosion and wear, maintaining its sophisticated appearance even after extended use. This coating is not merely functional but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the stand, providing a smooth, matte surface that elevates its visual presence. 

Designed to fit item 6545.


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1 - 39 $ 18.84 ($4.71)
40 - 199 and pay only $4.47 each
200 - 1199 and pay only $3.77 each
1200 + units and pay only $3.63 each
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Specs & Description

  • Built with high-quality flat metal to ensure stability and durability.
  • Features a resilient and stylish powder-coated finish, ensuring resistance to corrosion, chipping, and scratches, maintaining an immaculate appearance over time.
  • Ingeniously designed to hold ball bottles securely by the neck, preventing them from tipping while showcasing them in a floating display.
  • Smooth, powder-coated surfaces facilitate effortless cleaning, ensuring the stand maintains its pristine condition with minimal maintenance.
  • Capable of holding a range of ball bottle contents, such as aromatic spices or bath salts, providing versatility in use across different settings.
Cap OZ:
Cap ML:
1.57 (in)
9.45 (in)
3.35 (in)
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