Wholesale Votive Holders

Unique Votive Containers in a Variety of Shapes and Colors

Wholesale Votive Holders

Wholesale Votive Holders

Votive Containers

Shop wholesale glass candle containers and votive holders with GlassNow! Browse our selection of unique votive containers in a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns. Our durable glass candle holders are made with recycled materials and are perfect for both poured and votive candles. Compliment your poured soy candle with our clear glass votive containers. Show off your themed candles in our colorful candle jars. Fit any aesthetic by pairing our votive containers with a range of beautiful tops and caps, all available in bulk!

Accessories for Glass Votive Holders

Our votive holders pair perfectly with our gorgeous bamboo tops and natural corktops. Match the warm, earthy scent of your candles and votives by choosing one of our bamboo candle tops. Browse our tapered corks to match the personality of your votive. Shop wholesale votive tops and candle container accessories above or take a look at our entire accessories collection here.

Votive Container Features

Our votive containers come in a large variety of colors so that you can match your candle container’s color to the scent, look and feel of your product. We offer all of the sizes, colors and styles that you’ll need to perfect your votive candle’s look! Shop both opaque and transparent votive candle jars and candle holders that fit any style with Glassnow.

Why Choose a Glassnow Votive Holder?

Our votive containers are crafted with durable, recycled materials so you know that you’re choosing eco-friendly designs and protecting our environment. By using less energy to create our products and by conserving our natural resources, we are able to offer high quality, durable products at a low cost to you. Now you can offer your clients beautiful, unique products while reducing, reusing and recycling!


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