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Heat Bands

Shrink bands for jars and heat shrink bands for bottles are a must for packaging your products securely. We offer a range of heat shrink bands for both glass bottles and jars in a range of sizes. Made of shrinkable PVC, our clear heat bands come with a vertical perforation for easy removal yet are tamper evident for safety.

9 Item(s)

  • H120-40
    Starting at: $7.31
  • H130-30
    Starting at: $5.31
  • H50-38
    Starting at: $4.79
  • H55-38
    Starting at: $4.93
  • H55-53
    Starting at: $5.80
  • H62-20
    Starting at: $4.58
  • H65-25
    Starting at: $4.52
  • H72-25
    Starting at: $4.96
  • H98-25
    Starting at: $4.58