Black and white reed diffusers

Reed Diffuser Containers

Our reed diffuser glass containers are easy to fill with your scented essential oils, and provide the perfect canvas to amplify your brand.

Worried about leaks? Let us diffuse the tension.

Our accessories aren't just decorative, but also can be used to reduce the risk of leaks in shipping to your customers. That means no throwaway plastic bottles, and more repeat business.

Glassnow is the ideal solution for your bulk glass reed diffuser bottle needs with affordable containers. Crafted from resilient, eco-friendly materials, our glass bottles come in both small and large sizes to suit your preferences. Effortlessly fill these containers with your favorite scented essential oils, and enhance the aesthetic of your products with complementary diffuser sticks. Our clear glass bottles offer compatibility with various tops to ensure a seamless and customizable experience.


With our array of diffuser bottle accessories that feature wooden tops, corks, metal and plastic screw caps, glass tops, and more, you're certain to discover the ideal bottle closures to enhance your room diffuser. Browse Glassnow's premium closures and accessories to ensure your essential oil diffuser exudes elegance in any home or office setting.


We place great emphasis on the significance of glass recycling, understanding its dual role in environmental conservation and energy preservation. The glass production process itself comprises only of sand, soda, lime, and high-temperature treatment. By using recycled glass you are not only preserving the contents you’ve worked tirelessly to perfect, but are doing your part to protect the environment.