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Cosmetic Containers

All-natural, BPA-free Glassnow glass and our airtight enclosures ensure the freshness and preservation of your beauty products.

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Introducing Our Elegant New Droppers

Finish off your serums, oils, treatments, and other low-volume, high-end offerings with our three new eye-catching dropper designs.

Honey + Cosmetics

Have you explored the role that honey can play in your cosmetic products? Check out our latest blog to learn more about honey's beneficial qualities.

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Elegance unmatched by plastic.

Our European-influenced glass elevates your products well above plastic imitations, and provides ample branding opportunities for screen printing, labeling, wax seal imprints, and beyond. Explore our options below.

Glassnow is the ideal solution for your wholesale cosmetic needs with affordable containers, crafted from resilient, eco-friendly materials. Glassnow offers compatible tops options, like pumps for smooth dispensing of creams, or screw caps to preserve the quality of your beauty products. Buy in bulk for cost savings. Browse our options for your primers, face creams, lotions, makeup, serums and more from 1oz mini tubes to 6oz glass jars.


We place great emphasis on the significance of glass recycling, understanding its dual role in environmental conservation and energy preservation. The glass production process itself comprises only of sand, soda, lime, and high-temperature treatment. By using recycled glass you are not only preserving the contents you’ve worked tirelessly to perfect, but are doing your part to protect the environment.