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Screw Caps

Here you’ll find metal bottle caps, metal jar caps and plastic screw caps for a range of threaded neck bottle and jar sizes including wide mouth styles. Cap finishes vary from silver to black to fit the look of your desired product packaging. We also offer bakelite screw caps for those requiring plastic closures. Our screw caps allow you to create secure and attractive packaging for your unique products.

11 Item(s)

  • SC024-48
    Starting at: $5.08
  • SC024B-48
    Starting at: $5.08
  • SC028P-48
    Starting at: $7.98
  • SC028P-B-48
    Starting at: $7.98
  • SC028R1-B-144
    Starting at: $7.84
  • SC031X1-B-144
    Starting at: $8.58
  • SC043P-48
    Starting at: $13.23
  • SC043P-B-48
    Starting at: $13.23
  • SC058P-48
    Pre-Order Starting at: $17.64
  • SC058P-B-48
    Starting at: $17.64
  • SC102-48
    Starting at: $15.94