Soap & Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Soap & Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Wholesale Soap & Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Order ready-to-fill hand sanitizer and hand soap containers in bulk. Wholesale bottles from Glassnow are made with durable, recycled materials. Shop small and large soap and sanitizer bottles from 3.4oz to 26oz. Our glass containers are easy to fill and close, with threaded tops compatible with metal caps, plastic caps, and pump dispensers.

Hand Sanitizer & Soap Pump Dispensers, Caps, & Misters

Our bottle accessories include dome pumps, misters, screw caps, and more. From black, white, and clear plastic bottle pumps, to metal and plastic screw caps, you’ll find various styles of hand sanitizer and soap bottle tops that give your product a unique and attractive look. Shop Glassnow pumps and misters for a smooth dispensing experience. Explore the accessories above or shop our entire accessories collection here.

Why Choose Recycled Glass Bottles for Sanitizer and Soap?

Glassnow recognizes the importance of recycling glass, because it not only conserves the environment, but also saves energy. The process required to produce glass is quite simple as it is composed of sand, soda, lime and lots of heat. The obvious benefits of recycling glass is to reuse and save our natural resources, but the most important benefit of recycling is that it requires considerably less energy than needed to melt raw materials.

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