6 1/2" Double Swirl Bottle Metal Stand


Experience culinary elegance with our superbly crafted Double Bottle Stand, a timeless accessory that merges the durability of robust metal with the exquisite finesse of a whimsical swirl base. Not only an embodiment of sleek and sophisticated design, this stand, finished with a power-coated exterior, guarantees resilience against rust, ensuring a durable and long-lasting adornment to your gourmet food product line. 

Specially engineered to suspend bottles from the top, it harmoniously complements items 6565, 6534, and 6054, presenting a striking display of your premium olive oil and vinegar pairings. The suspended design seamlessly amalgamates aesthetic appeal with functional ease, facilitating an effortless pour while enriching your culinary creations.

Designed to fit items 6054, 6534, and 6565.


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1 - 29 $ 35.70 ($5.95)
30 - 149 and pay only $5.95 each
150 + units and pay only $5.95 each
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Specs & Description

  • Perfect for the display of premium olive oil and vinegar, this stand facilitates a sophisticated presentation for gourmet food pairings.
  • Crafted with robust metal and finished with a power-coated exterior to protect against rust and wear.
  • The graceful, swirling base adds a delightful aesthetic touch while ensuring stability.
  • Ingeniously designed to hold bottles from the top, creating an enchanting, floating effect.
  • Perfectly fits items 6565, 6054, and 6534, ensuring your olive oil and vinegar are showcased with elegance.
Cap OZ:
Cap ML:
2.48 (in)
6.30 (in)
6.50 (in)
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