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Candle Container Lids

Candle container lids and candle lids offer the finishing touch to your candle packaging. Our cork lids are a bestseller and give your products a classic touch. For organic or soy poured candles, our bamboo lids paired with recycled glass containers exude a natural feel. You’ll find various lid sizes to fit a range of glass candle containers below.

6 Item(s)

  • CL200M01
    Starting at: $39.60
  • CL201M01
    Starting at: $39.60
  • CL207M01
    Starting at: $30.91
  • CL207M49
    Starting at: $35.20
  • CL280M01.

    Starting at: $39.86

  • CL280M49
    Starting at: $50.82