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Apothecary Collection

A modern take on the quintessential apothecary bottle and jar, our Apothecary Collection is one of our most popular. This classic glass collection perfectly packages beauty, fragrance and specialty products. Think bath salts, room and body sprays, scented lotions, specialty products and more. Both bottles and jars feature a round shape with smooth surface ideal for product labeling. You'll find non-threaded and threaded neck styles for securing with corresponding closures including screw caps, ball tops or corks. Each container is made from recycled content with nice clarity. Choose from clear and color styles to suit your product lines.
  • C5527.

    Starting at: $15.31

  • C5533.

    Starting at: $21.39

  • C5534.

    Starting at: $17.95

  • C5535.

    Starting at: $13.05

  • C6533-N.

    Starting at: $20.46

  • C6534-N.

    Starting at: $17.33

  • C6535-N.

    Starting at: $13.20