New Glass Packaging Trends in 2020 | Eco-Friendly & Premium Packaging

2020 is going to be a year of opportunity.  To support our customers and their continuous growth, Glassnow is working hard to create new products that complement their business trends. These trends require not only innovative packaging solutions but quality, sustainable products that are trending themselves. Let’s explore some of these emerging glass packaging trends below.

Consumers Prefer Sustainable ProductsConsumers Prefer Sustainable Products

As discussed in our blog on Glass Sustainability, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with how their shopping habits are affecting the environment at large. Because of this, single-use packaging is on the outs. In turn, going green with recyclable or reusable packaging is the direction that customers want from their favorite brands.

Recycled Glass Packaging

Want your company to go green? A good way to do so & convey these values to your customers is to use packaging made with recycled content.  In the battle between plastic and glass, glass is the clear winner due to its infinite recyclability. For instance, of the plastic packaging in circulation, only 10% of it can actually be recycled.

2015 US Packaging MSW Increments in thousands of tons Glass Containers Plastic Containers
Generated 9,120 14,680
Recycled 3,030 2,150
Landfilled 4,890 10,070

What’s worse, plastic loses integrity with every reuse and can only be recycled one or two times before eventually ending up in a landfill.  
On the other hand, glass can be recycled indefinitely without losing any integrity, closing the consumption loop and lowering the amount of glass in our garbage. This allows manufacturers like Glassnow the ability to offer an array of products manufactured with recycled glass content

Premium Glass Packaging Options

Premium Glass Packaging Options

As with previous years, the consumer in 2020 is not only concerned with products themselves, but also the experiences that go along with them. Premium brands in today’s market may not necessarily manufacture the best product, but they go the extra mile to create a sensory experience for their consumers that keeps them coming back for more. 

The experience you sell goes well beyond how good your candles smell or how spicy your hot sauce is.  How your products look & feel can sell your product before your actual product is ever tested.

Indicators of Quality Glass Packaging

Consumers make external judgements about your product before ever making use of it. These judgments can be narrowed down to three main aspects of your product packaging:

  1. Professional-looking labels
  2. Packaging materials that look & feel unique (ie. kraft paper labels, metallic foils, wax seals)
  3. The weight of the product in the hands of your customers

That last point is particularly important in choosing your packaging size & material. Subconsciously, consumers equate a heavy product to one of quality, even if that weight is from the packaging.

The weight of glass packaging offers a quality feel like no other. For instance, Glassnow’s newest candle jar, the new Lexington container, is the perfect premium, heavy-weight, accent for any sweet-smelling candle.

Indicators of Quality Glass Packaging

Looking to further add to your customer’s experience? A standalone accessory can extend the life of your products for years to come. Consider a protective candle cloche/hurricane, like our new Marini Hurricane Bell, as an ideal finishing touch to your poured candle packaged in our Lexington container.

The continuous evolution of the Glassnow product line, along with our innovative designs, provides a collection that includes something for everyone. As we expand our collection for this notable year, we do so by continuing to explore the sustainable and premium product offering provided by Glassnow.