New Glass Packaging Trends In 2020 | Smaller Sizes

As lucrative opportunities expand in 2020, something else is shrinking at a rapid pace. The demand for smaller-sized products is higher than ever before, and some companies are struggling to find the right size for their products. As Glassnow expands its catalog of new glass packaging, let’s explore this trend on a micro level.

Small Glass Packaging Sizes

Small Glass Packaging Sizes

No matter the industry, smaller packaging is in demand for a variety of reasons. Knowing the main ones can help you decide on the right size for products, whether it be bath salts or cooking spices.

Single Consumers Purchase Less

More and more young adults today are choosing to live alone, meaning their household consumption needs are fewer than other demographics. These consumers simply don’t need large amounts of products that may spoil before they ever reach the bottom of the jar.

Catering to this audience with smaller-sized packaging not only introduces your product to a young & eager customer-base, but makes repeat purchases for these smaller amounts much more likely.

Give Away Free Samples

As we discussed in our Hot Sauce Marketing Guide, everybody loves free samples! Whether they’re offered to passersby on the street or included with purchases for lifelong customers, sample offerings are a trendy way to show thanks to customers & give them a taste of your new products.

Samples are often the first impression of your product in a new customer’s hands. Therefore, it’s just as important to consider the packaging of these samples as any normal size of your product. Luckily, Glassnow offers plenty of bottles & jars perfect for samples (including our new offerings below).

New Small Glass Packaging Options

New Small Glass Packaging Options

Glassnow is expanding its popular Glass Tube collection to include 3 new sizes, all below a 5oz capacity. Browse these new offerings below, along with some ideal industries to use them with.

Small Sized Glass Packaging For Every Industry

Glassnow serves many industries with its glass packaging, and these new tubes are no different. A few of the suggested uses for these products include:

  • Tea, Herbs, & Spices – Perfect for potent products used sparingly.
  • Bath – Ideal, sample-sized packaging for few uses of salts or scrubs.
  • Candy – Useful for small-sized sweets or sample-sized offers.

New Glass Tube Sizes

New Glass Tube Sizes2oz1.2in x 4.7in
New Glass Tube Sizes3oz1.2in x 6.6in
New Glass Tube Sizes4oz1.2in x 8.7in

A Compatible Cork For Glass Tubes

Looking for the perfect closure to top off these new tubes? Luckily, we have one Tapered Agglomerated Cork that is compatible with all 3 of these new sizes. Like all of our corks, this one is tested for the European wine market and passes the Moisture Standard Test ISO9727-3, Sensorial Standard Test ISO22308:2005, as well as the Washing Residues (mg/stopper) Standard Test NP 4502:2011.

Among this cork’s other benefits are those generally found in all corks, which makes them an optimal closure for many products & industries. These benefits include being:

  • Naturally Sourced – Corks are made solely from tree bark, cutting down no trees in the process.
  • Recyclable – Like paper, corks can be reused & repurposed for many other products and uses.

With packaging options like Glassnow’s new tubes, shrinking your product sizes can be easy and profitable for your company in 2020. We look forward to sharing more trends and products with all of our successful customers in the coming year.