2022 Trends for Fall Candle Scents and Packaging

2022 Trends for Fall Candle Scents and Packaging

Trends in the candle market sway with the seasons. Depending on the time of year, different scents and packaging designs captivate consumers. Fall is right around the corner, and now is the time to plan your candle business’ next moves for when the season begins. Below are trend forecasts for Fall candle scents and packaging options in 2022; keep reading to learn more!

Trending Candle Scents this Fall

As you plan a new candle scent for the Fall, it’s important to know how people feel about the season. In short, consumers associate Fall with coziness and nostalgia. Make your new candle resonate with these warm feelings, and you’re sure to have a successful season.

The sections below list some scents that are bound to perform well in Fall 2022:

Pumpkin Spice

Over the past decade, the words “pumpkin spice” have practically become synonymous with the Fall season. It’s a predictable staple of the season, trending in the candle industry every year when October approaches. In other words, customers love it.

The semi-sweet scent of Pumpkin Spice captivates candle shoppers—and it does so much more in the Fall. If you’re still thinking of a new candle that will sell fast in the upcoming season, Pumpkin Spice is a safe bet.


Apple-scented candles are popular in the Fall. More specifically, scents like Apple Cider and Apple Pie see great success late in the year. Just as these food flavors are popular in October and November, so too are the candle scents that mimic them.

If your business is going for an apple candle scent, consider including cinnamon or cloves to add texture. These spices turn the sweet-and-sour scent of apples into a warm and cozy fragrance that fits the season perfectly.


Sandalwood candles are popular year-round, but they fit the Fall season best. Often, sandalwood scents are paired with other notes like amber, oakmoss, and cedar. Sandalwood speaks to the outdoors, so if your audience veers to camping or adventure, this fragrance is on track for success.

If your candle business already has a sandalwood scent, get ready to promote it! Fall is the perfect time for consumers to cozy up with this scented candle.

Fall Candle Scents

Chestnuts and Pecans

Plenty of nut-based candle scents trend well in the Fall season. Chestnuts bring nostalgic feelings to many consumers, which is a great selling point at this time of year. Many candle makers choose to pair chestnut aromas with sweet scents like vanilla or brown sugar.

Pecans, like apples, often appear in dessert-themed candle fragrances. Candle makers have enjoyed success with the pecan pie fragrance, a scent that fits the holiday season.

Spices Candle Scents

Many Fall scents like those above are often infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, or other spices. Like the popular vanilla-scented candle, these spice flavors can also act as a headline candle scent. Consider a candle focused on the aroma of Cinnamon or Nutmeg; both scents trend well in the later months of the year.

Top Trends for Candle Packaging 

Candle scents are paramount, but consumers shop with their eyes, too. Your candle business’ packaging decisions are a key factor in converting customers. Consider complementing your new Fall-themed scent with product packaging that fits the aesthetic.

Amber Glass

As Fall is a cozy season, the warm color of amber glass is a perfect match. The dark, yellow-orange material complements plenty of the Fall candle scents mentioned above. A cinnamon stick, for example, resembles the amber hue and contributes to a cohesive candle design.

The table below shows our top selection of amber candle containers for your Fall product:

Image Name Capacity
Calypso Glass Jar 4oz Calypso Glass Jar 4 oz.
Calypso Glass Jar 6oz Calypso Glass Jar 6 oz.
Calypso Wide Mouth Glass Jar 13oz Calypso Wide Mouth Glass Jar 13 oz.
3" Guam Votive Candle Container 3″ Guam Votive Candle Container 5.7 oz.
Lexington Round Glass Container Lexington Round Glass Container 16 oz
Heavy Glass Container Heavy Glass Container 8.5 oz
Square Candle Glass Container Square Candle Glass Container 8.5 oz
Apothecary Glass Jar Apothecary Glass Jar 8 oz.

Custom Packaging

Personalized packaging is a growing trend in the candle market, and it works especially well in eCommerce. Consider this approach as we enter Fall 2022, as consumers will look for items that fit their specific home aesthetic.

Many candle makers see growth in gift sales via custom packaging. Shoppers customize the candle packaging with designs of their choosing, making something special for a loved one. As a bonus on top of the sale revenue, gift sales spread brand recognition at an accelerated rate.

Candle Boxes

Outside the glass candle container, consider boxing up your new Fall product. “Candle Boxes” is a high-trending Google Search with over 10k monthly searches—and for good reason. Candle boxes add mystery and luxury to your candle. If these ideas fit your brand identity, they make a great packaging finish.

Candle boxes are also great spaces for custom packaging. Consider offering consumers several warm-colored box options as Fall approaches.


As your candle business prepares for the changing trends, remember to stay in the spirit of the season. Consumers are cozied up with a blanket, watching old movies with your candle there beside them. Keep your audience’s behavior in mind as you plan a new product launch with a fresh scent and stellar packaging.

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