3 Skincare Business Ideas for 2022

Skincare Business Ideas

2022 has brought on the need for more transparency, variety, and forward-thinking decisions. Consumers are demanding more from companies than ever before. We’ve broken down 3 ways your skincare business can stay ahead of the curve and differentiate itself from other companies.

Make A Statement

It’s not enough to market your product, you must state where your brand fits into society as a whole. A global study revealed that consumers are 4 times more likely to champion purpose-driven companies (2020 Zeno). What is your brand saying about you?

Sustainable Packaging

  • Recycle – Statistics show that consumers prefer more eco-friendly products. Recycled materials are environmentally friendly and typically more affordable than first-generation packaging.
  • Upcycle – Another option is to sell your products in refillable/reusable glass containers. Once the product is gone, it serves other purposes. A great example of this is Neighbourhood Botanicals & Bathing Culture’s recent zero-waste refill campaign.

Corporate Social Responsibility

These days, most major companies have Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) programs in place. A great way to start one is to research initiatives and organizations that relate to your own personal care mission. Other options are creating plans to become carbon neutral or participating in your community. Lastly, consider donating a percentage of proceeds to a charity that shares your values.

Skincare Business Ideas
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Be Transparent with Your Skincare Business

If media trends have taught us anything, it’s that transparency is always best. Studies show that 40% of consumers would switch to brands with more transparency. They want to know what they are getting and easily access information about the brands they love.

Transparent packaging like glass lets the product speak for itself. It allows consumers to see what they are buying before they use it. Similarly, choosing easy-to-interpret labels for your products can help to build trust.

Not enough room on the label? List info on how items are sourced and tested can be placed on the website. This helps people feel like they are making an informed decision. The Ordinary’s recent success is a great example of simple, no-nonsense packaging and an informative website setup.

Another great skincare business idea is to offer skincare sample size jars to your customers. This allows them to try out your skincare products and see if their skin reacts well to them.

Skincare Business Ideas

Have Your Skincare Business Appeal to the Senses

Does your product stand out on the shelf or blend in with the crowd? By appealing to multiple senses during the purchasing process, you can create a multifaceted experience for your buyer.

  • Eyecatching Design: A tried and true method for differentiating your product at first glance is skincare packaging design. Fashion and function are becoming one and the same, and products with packaging that mimic art create a sense of luxury. Similarly, monochromatic designs create visually cohesive, high-end looks. They can also help to associate brands with a specific, memorable color. Use these on your skincare bottles to make a lasting impression.
  • Feel a Connection: We make an emotional connection with items we touch. Customers who were able to feel merchandise were willing to pay more than those who hadn’t. Textured labels can entice consumers to pick up and feel your product. Another example is mixing materials in skincare packaging. Use cork, bamboo, or metal tops with your glass or plastic containers to make sure your consumers can’t keep their hands off your product.

Skincare Business Conclusion 

It’s not enough to have a unique business angle, you have to make statements with your products and entice consumers at every opportunity. Make efforts to be socially responsible. Be transparent in your dealings. Looks for ways to shake up the consumer experience.

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