Bath and Body Industry Trends in 2022

Bath and Body Products

The bath and body products market has seen massive growth over the past few years. The pandemic brought an increased awareness of how consumers can invest in self-care. Currently, the market made an estimated $14 billion dollars in the United States in 2021. This is expected to grow annually at a rate of 7.5% between 2022 and 2032.

Changing Bath and Body Industry Trends

The demand for luxury bath and body products has expanded categories for items like lotions, shower gels, and body washes. As we’ve moved into 2022, we’re seeing a demand for products that are natural and chemical-free to improve the quality of items. This appeals to younger consumers looking for organic products with quality ingredients. The increased awareness of self-care has affected current bath and body trends by increasing the accessibility to hygiene, minimalist accessories, and trusted ingredients.

Discover what soap and lotion trends you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2022.

Bath and Body: Soap Bottles
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Soap Industry Trends

Handwashing has always been a vital component of our daily hygiene practices. The need for hand soap has grown as industries all over the world are seeking to increase the availability of hand soap for their businesses. The soap market is projected to grow 7.2% until 2025 with a big pivot happening in the types of ingredients used in synthetic soaps.

Organic Soaps

Harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates have increased the demand for organic soaps. Soap trends have grown in both the liquid and bar soap markets. The bar soaps have had a big resurgence due to their eco-friendly component that helps reduce the plastic that is often used in liquid packaging.

Luxury Soaps

High-end hand soaps are on the rise due to luxury ingredients that help improve skincare like essential oils and natural plant materials. These luxury hand soaps are taking precedence over the standard liquid hand soaps. Their restorative properties can soothe and hydrate the skin which is an essential part of self-care. Restaurants, hotels, and chic cafes are adopting liquid hand soaps with unique bottles that reflect calming spa-level scents. The scents, designs, and glass bottles all come together to provide consumers with a luxury experience that transforms the way they wash their hands.

Body Lotion Industry Trends

The body lotion industry is having a moment due to the increased awareness and attention on personal and skincare products. Hand creams and body lotions are often marketed towards different skincare segments like dry, oily, and normal skin. The demographic of these segments spans men, women, and babies.

Luxury Lotion

Like the soap industry, the body cream and lotion market has expanded into the luxury sphere. Popular products contain hydrating ingredients like nourishing plant oils and earth-derived butter. With the ever-changing weather, consumers are seeking SPF body lotions that protect their skin from sun damage. The great aspect of investing in a good body lotion or hand cream is that whether it’s budget-friendly or luxury, there are many uses for a lotion to be packaged and promoted to a wide range of consumers.

Bath and Body Ingredients

Ingredients in the Bath and Body Industry

Ingredients are one of the differentiating factors that separate bath and body products from the rest. Consumers are beginning to look at the labels and shop based on their individual needs whether it’s skincare, specific areas of the body, or therapeutic properties like CBD.

The rise of retinol has become a trending body lotion ingredient because it helps to build collagen and has anti-aging properties. Humectants such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin help in addressing skin concerns like eczema, chronic dryness, and loss of elasticity. Businesses are reformulating and marketing their products to exceed customer expectations. They are also adapting their packaging from classic plastic to innovative glass styles with bottles and jars for an elevated experience.

Bath and Body Containers
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The Power of Bath and Body Packaging

One trend that remains at the forefront of the bath and body products market is minimizing plastic packaging and getting eco-friendly with packaging that is glass and reusable. Sustainable beauty spans the skincare, makeup, and body industries. Plastic-free packaging is being eliminated in favor of sustainable options like glass bottles, metal lids, and travel-sized containers.

Growing Popularity of Sustainable Bath and Body Packaging

Plant conscious consumption is being seen with vegan and plant-based ingredients and alternative packaging like dissolvable packaging, recyclable aluminum, and sugarcane-derived bioplastics. These varieties of plant-conscious options can be used to market to trending consumer demographics like Gen-Z who has shown a vested interest in supporting brands that care about the planet.

Hand soap and body lotions are the types of products that can have a premium and elegant aesthetic because they are often used on shelves, vanities, and sinks which draws attention to the packaging, label, and design.

Go Refillable with Your Bath and Bady Products!

This is especially important with hand soap and lotion dispensers which provide smooth dispensing action for cult beauty items. If you’re looking to adapt to the current trends and get eco-friendly with refillable packaging, then you’re on the right track to empowering mission-driven beauty regimes which can promote sustainability with lotions and hand soaps.

Brands that invest in “zero-waste” products like hand soaps and body lotion can use glass bottles and jars in a variety of sizes that can be reused consistently instead of single-use plastic.

Conclusion: Bath and Body Trends

Luxury has never been so attainable with these latest bath and body products trends that have helped to reignite the desire for products that are elegant, chic, and full of quality ingredients. These products are only enhanced with eco-friendly and innovative packaging designs like glass bottles, bold font, and minimalist aesthetics that enhance a consumer’s experience of the product whether it’s a body lotion or soap. Innovate your beauty and cosmetic products with creative packaging and styles at