Best Product Packaging for the Holidays

Product Packaging

The holidays are right around the corner which means it’s time to start planning and preparing for creative and convenient ways to package your products. For both retailers and consumers, the holidays can bring an onslaught of emotions that has everyone scrambling for the perfect gift. That gift can arrive in a variety of options which can put pressure on retailers to create dynamic holiday packaging that stands out from the competition. In a sea of holiday gift sets and custom packaging, it can be hard to determine what is the best direction for your business, but the great aspect of this festive season is that there are several options to consider whether you’re a candle business or clothing retailer. Product packaging, especially when it comes to gifts, is the first impression the person will have with your brand so it’s important to consider every aspect of your packaging experience. Will you go for full-on holiday delight with all the bells and whistles or go for inspiring holiday packaging that gives you a competitive edge? Learn how you can create the best product packaging for the holidays below.

Customer Convenience 

To say that people are busy during the holiday season is an understatement because whether they are braving the aisles of their favorite stores or scrolling through an E-commerce website, they are looking for the most convenient option to complete their shopping experience. Think about when you are shopping at a store and there’s a sea of nothing but red packaging, nothing catches your eye because it all looks the same. While red is synonymous with the holiday season, it doesn’t help your product stand out from the competition. Creating holiday packaging that is effortless and aesthetically appealing to a customer can be an easy way to attract customers to your product.

Today’s customers want ease and convenience that creates a quicker shopping experience and saves them time doing laborious holiday activities like wrapping presents. 67% of people hate wrapping presents so take the headache out of the season by creating branded gift box sets for your products and tailored gift sets that are ready to be gifted to friends and family. Invest in custom packaging that can build brand perception and isn’t generic. Consider adding in branded gift tags so the purchaser can easily fill in a note to their loved one or offer custom tissue paper which can be used to wrap the product or line the inside of a box.

Best Product Packaging for the Holidays

The Unboxing Experience

If you haven’t heard the term “unboxing” then you might have seen it online or through your favorite social influencer. The unboxing experience has become a crucial branding asset that not all businesses get right because they don’t understand how to pair their products with packaging that enhances the customer journey. Think back to a milestone moment whether it’s your most memorable holiday or birthday. One of the most exciting moments is opening your gifts because of the anticipation that comes with unveiling the item. Capturing that moment or feeling is a hallmark of unboxing because it shows a brand is being intentional about how their products are displayed and are curating an exclusive experience for their customers.

To achieve the ideal unboxing experience during the holidays, you want to consider how you curate the brand experience of your business into your packaging. Look into custom tissue paper or tape, crinkle paper with your brand colors, and custom stickers to use in your product packaging. A creative unboxing moment can make your packaging come alive and give your customer a personal connection to your brand. If you’re considering investing in packaging for your customer holiday unboxing experience, think about:

  • A container like a box or shipping mailer instead of big boxes
  • Include free samples to gift loyal customers or to showcase new products
  • Encouraging your customers to share their unboxing on social media and tagging your profile

Remember that it’s important to use packaging materials that keep your products safe but also promote the brand and give an incredible unboxing experience. The type of packaging you invest in can make or break the unboxing experience for your customer.

Best Product Packaging for the Holidays

Add a Personal Touch to Product Packaging

This is the season to showcase holiday packaging that has a personal touch for your customers and shows them that you care. Generic holiday packaging with “seasons greetings” is not the go-to approach for customers, you want to bridge the divide with messaging or items that reflect your brand, tone, voice, and personality. For example, holiday beauty gift sets are infamous for including free samples of their partner brands or including a surprise item that compliments the product ordered. If you’ve partnered with an organization or have an upcoming collaboration for the new year, consider giving your customers a “sneak peek” of what they can look forward to from your business in the future. A few additional ideas to include are:

  • Handwritten notes thanking the customer for being a crucial part of your company
  • A sample of one of your products the customer hasn’t purchased yet
  • Discount code promotions for the new year
  • Upcoming giveaways

Look at personalization as an added portion of your customer experience and a way to spread the holiday cheer. Don’t forget to consider using sustainable packaging material which can help improve customer sentiment around your purchase. Give them guilt-free shopping that positions your brand as mindful of the environment and with upcycled materials like recyclable paper or glass tubes for your samples.

Whether it’s convenient customer packaging, personalized touch, or an unboxing experience worthy of TikTok, there are numerous options for marketing your products this holiday season. Don’t view the holidays as the time to just sell products, but as a specialized season to change your packaging designs, make your customers feel nostalgic, or capitalize on vibrant colors to grab the customers’ attention. Holiday packaging also opens up the opportunity to research and test out new packaging options that you can incorporate into your business for the upcoming year.