Best Product Packaging for the Holidays

Product Packaging

The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to prepare creative packaging for the season. Thankfully, there are plenty of product packaging options for your business to explore. Will you go for full-on holiday delight with all the bells and whistles, or simple and inspiring packaging that gives you a competitive edge? Learn how you can create the best product packaging for the holidays below.

Product Packaging for the Busy Holiday Shopper 

To say that people are busy during the holiday season is an understatement. Whether braving the aisles of their favorite stores or scrolling through an eCommerce website, they want their shopping experience to be convenient. In a store, the convenient option is the one that stands out from the selection.

Red packaging is synonymous with the holidays, but depending on your industry, red may be too generic for the season. Consider using new colors and designs that will make your product unique. There are also plenty of holiday motifs to reference in your packaging design and product labels. A fresh take on common holiday symbols makes for extraordinary festive designs.

Best Product Packaging for the Holidays

Making unique and appealing packaging is a great marketing strategy, especially during the holidays. But, there are still more ways for your brand to accommodate the customers’ convenience. Many gift-givers dislike wrapping presents, so consider branded gift tags or gift boxes for your product line. This approach works better in some industries than others; gift boxes work well for cosmetics, candles, pantry gifts, and more. 

When well-designed, custom packaging makes gift sets all the more festive. Personalized notes, custom tissue paper to line the box, and customer-selected photos — all make for a memorable holiday gift.

The Unboxing Experience

Customers value the unboxing experience. So much so that many social influencers thrive off video content where they remove popular products from all layers of packaging. As your brand designs new packaging for the holiday season, ask how the customer will feel as they unbox it. Especially this season, when people have more sentimental value for opening gifts, the unboxing process is a journey.

Think of the common holiday milestones, being with family, and opening gifts. Capture one of these moments in the unboxing experience of your packaging. There’s nostalgic anticipation with opening gifts; position your brand to curate a memorable experience with the recipients. Consider tissue paper or tape, crinkled paper with your brand colors, or custom stickers to use in your product packaging. Layering and segmentation between items will also contribute to an ornate design.

A creative unboxing moment makes your packaging come alive and gives customers a personal connection to your brand. If you’re considering packaging tailored to the holiday unboxing experience, think about:

  • An attractive and sturdy box that customers can easily open
  • Free samples to gift loyal customers or to showcase new products
  • Festive decor to spruce up the interior packaging

This holiday season, remember to use packaging materials that keep your products safe. Mint-condition packaging always improves product presentation, and presentation is all the more important for gifts.

Best Product Packaging for the Holidays

Add a Personal Touch to Product Packaging

This is the season to showcase holiday packaging with a personal touch. A simple “seasons greetings” is likely too generic for your customer base. Try more personable phrases and imagery that reflect your brand’s festive tone, voice, and personality.

Holiday beauty gift sets are infamous for including free samples, sometimes even by surprise. Consider striking a deal with partner brands to include a surprise addition for mutual benefit. If you’ve partnered with an organization or have an upcoming collaboration for the new year, your customers will appreciate a sneak peek of what’s to come. 

Here are some other ways to add personality to your holiday packaging:

  • Handwritten notes thanking the customer for being a part of your business
  • A sample of one of your products the customer hasn’t purchased yet
  • Discount code promotions for the new year
  • Upcoming giveaways

Look at personalization as a central piece to the customer’s experience — and a way to spread the holiday cheer. Remember to use sustainable packaging material, both for customers’ approval and to reduce the yearly packaging waste. Provide guilt-free shopping that aligns your brand with the environment and upcycled materials like recyclable paper and sample glass tubes.


The holidays bring consumers an onslaught of emotions that has everyone scrambling for the perfect gift. In a sea of holiday gift sets and custom packaging, your business must find the customers’ attention. Convenient customer packaging, a personalized touch, and an unboxing experience worthy of TikTok put your brand in the perfect position.

Product packaging, especially for gifts, is a crucial first impression between consumers and your brand. Thus, it’s important to consider every aspect of the customer’s experience with your packaging. The holidays are a special season to change your packaging designs, invoke nostalgia, and capitalize on vibrant colors to grab the customers’ attention. 

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