What color bottles & jars should I use for my light sensitive products?


6054romagroup-color-beauty (1) 5 As discussed in our Oil & Vinegar Industry Guide, some products can degrade when overexposed to sunlight. Glass containers in amber, cobalt blue and vintage green offer UV protection for beauty, food and beverage products with sensitivity to light. Each of these colors provides differing levels of UV protection: Amber, high; Cobalt, medium; and, Green, minimal.

Our recycled glass bottles and jars, in amber, cobalt blue and vintage green, come in a variety of threaded and non-threaded neck styles and capacities. Ideal for packaging essential oils, tinctures, plant-based products, face creams and more. Choose a color depending upon the level of UV protection desired.

For color-specific packaging, click on the images or links below to view all products offered in that color.

amber collage 1Amber Packaging
Amber glass offers excellent protection from UV radiation by absorbing nearly all radiation consisting of wavelengths shorter than 450 nm. It is the preferred color of pharmaceutical companies and producers of essential oils and plant-based products. Shop Amber Packaging

cobaltCobalt Packaging
Cobalt glass offers medium protection from UV radiation, and like amber, absorbs UV radiation. However, it allows blue light through. Cobalt bottles and jars have long been used for packaging apothecary and medicinal products. Shop Cobalt Packaging

vt green collageVintage Green Packaging
Green glass blocks some UV rays, but is not nearly absorbent as amber and cobalt. Use green packaging for products that are mildly sensitive to light. Shop Vintage Green Packaging

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