Colorful Glass Packaging: Give Your Products that WOW! Factor

3 wow factorColorful Glass Packaging Amps the Appeal of Any Product

Packaging your products in colorful containers gives them an eye-popping edge over the competition. Spanning the spectrum from vibrant hues to classic colors, our range of colorful glass packaging provides a brilliant way to express your brand.

Additionally, color containers offer an interpretive way to suggest to the consumer what scent or flavor they might find inside. For instance:

  • Red conveys spicy or sexy notes.
  • Aqua spurs one to imagine elements of the ocean or beach.
  • Rose or pink often indicates femininity, sweetness, or floral nuances.
  • Purple suggests rich or glamorous undercurrents.
  • Blue conveys a sense of being carefree or manly.
  • Green suggests fresh, natural elements of grass or herbs.
  • Cobalt and amber spur thoughts of classic herbal scents.
  • White, frost, and transparent eludes to pure and simple notes.

You’ll find corresponding color options for all of our glass packaging products on individual product pages shown to the right of the main image.

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6oz Fiji Glass Bottle (cork sold separately)6158as

1.4oz Square Glass Jar w/cork 

8.5oz Square Candle Glass Container

5514AS2-P15 Assorted Pump Bottles-06
8oz Drop Glass Bottle w/ threaded neck (pump sold separately)


8.5oz Cylindra Glass Bottle /no cork 

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