Glass Bottles + Pour Spouts for Packaging & Dispensing

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Create the Ideal Glass Bottle + Pour Spout Combination in a Few Easy Steps!

As discussed in our Oil & Vinegar Industry Guide, the perfect accessory for this and other industries is the pour spout! Add a stainless steel pour spout to our recycled glass bottles to create product packaging and cruets for oils, vinegars, sauces and more! Our glass bottles + pour spouts are also terrific for use in the kitchen or restaurant for dispensing and serving soy sauce, olive oil & vinegar.

Select from a variety of recycled glass bottles, in clear or colors, and 4 corresponding stainless steel pour spouts!

It’s easy to create your own bottle + spout combination, simply click the button below to shop bottles. You’ll find the corresponding pour spouts for each bottle by scrolling down to the “Compatible Accessories” section. That’s it!

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Recycled Glass Bottles
Many of our non- threaded bottles are equipped for pour spouts, simply scroll down to the bottom of each product page on to see which pourer is compatible!


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Glass Bottle Colors
Our bottles come in clear and an array of colors. You can easily find each product’s color options on its product page to the right of the main image. Click to highlight your color choice and you’re all set!


Pour Spouts
Our pour spouts are made for speed and consistency in dispensing liquids. Available in standard sizes, we offer pour spouts with stainless steel nozzles fitted with plastic caps or metal closures.

Simply scroll to the bottom of each bottle product page to find the corresponding spout to fit!


Metal Stands
Our metal stands add a decorative yet functional touch to the kitchen counter or table top. They also are a terrific way to increase the appeal of your product packaging for oils, vinegars and sauces.

Scroll to the ‘Compatible Accessories’ listings at the bottom of each product page to find one to work with your chosen bottle.