How to Make Perfect Labels for Your Essential Oils Bottles

How to Make Perfect Labels for Your Essential Oils Bottles

Essential oils have become one of the most versatile ingredients for businesses to incorporate into their products. As the market for essential oils has continued to grow, there has been a considerable amount of new businesses, brands, and companies looking to capitalize on the pint-sized fragrances. However, like with any good product, the packaging is an essential aspect of meeting consumer expectations and getting longevity out of your product.

Consider the experience of shopping and how your purchasing decisions can be influenced by the design, label, and quality of the packaging itself. When you are investing in a product that’s considered a drug or a household item like essential oils, you also have to meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations in order to keep it on the shelves. We’re going to cover all the factors for creating your essential oil bottle labels and how you can make your essential oils stand out.

Waterproof & Oil-Proof Labels

Waterproof & Oil-Proof Labels

When you think of labels, what comes to mind? A cool design, an interesting layout, the text, or how it will fit on the bottle. Did you ever consider whether it should be waterproof or oil-proof? When you are creating essential oil bottle labels, you want to invest in quality bottle labels that won’t deteriorate or make it hard to read the ingredients. Packaging damage is a prevalent issue that can have a detrimental effect on your sales. “58 percent of consumers stated that packaging damage would deter them from buying a product”.

Oils can deteriorate labels quickly, which can result in smudged, scratched, or a completely ruined essential oil bottle label design that devalues your product. In addition to the oil itself, frequent use and handling can also impact the outer surface of the label leaving it damaged. A solution to consider is investing in label lamination that can help protect your packaging with laminated labels. Label lamination can help protect your labels from deterioration because they are waterproof and scratch-resistant. Laminated labels are a great alternative to paper labels and are commonly used on beer, wine, cosmetic products, and food.

What Should Be On Your Essential Oil Bottle Label

Essential oils labels matter because labels are known as “secondary packaging,” which helps drive sales. One of the leading factors that drive the growth of the essential oils market is the mental and health benefits that can occur from using the oils. While businesses are happy to promote the benefits of essential oils, several liabilities can occur if this isn’t labeled accurately on the bottle.

The FDA determines your “intended use” of the product through your essential oil label. For example, if you claim that your essential oil product can help cure an illness, the FDA is going to have to test and approve your product before it can go to market. As you create your essential oil label, you need to have clear and consistent communication that is similar in all branded communications and media materials. Here are a few key pieces of  information you need on the label before going to production:

  • Ingredients & extraction method (for health-conscious consumers)
  • Latin name of plant
  • Source location
  • Certifications (organic, non-GMO, cruelty-free)
  • Batch numbers (good for product tracing & highlighting limited stock)

These are all required elements as listed by the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act and should be included on your product labels. When you include the recommended use/benefits on your essential oil labels, this can benefit your business by providing clear and consistent information for consumers to make a purchase and can be considered for FDA classification.

Essential Oil Bottle Label Design

Essential Oil Bottle Label Design

The style and design of your label should always compliment your business and allow your brand to shine. Are you marketing your products to a younger or older demographic? Is it E-Commerce only or will people get a chance to interact with your products in-store? As a consumer, nothing is worse than standing in front of hundreds of bottles and wondering what essential oil label colors mean. Establishing a consistent design theme, color palette, and signature image like a plant or herb can indicate simple ingredients and make the consumer interested in where you source your materials.

Using colors to indicate the particular scent of essential oil can help the consumer identify the various types of oils you offer instead of individually reading each bottle. As you are considering the design, you want to evaluate the space of your packaging and choose a container that fits with your label. Essential oils generally come in glass bottles or vials of 5ml to 30ml (1 fl oz.) with amber packaging to provide a chic and classic look.

Make Your Essential Oils Stand Out

Making your essential oils stand out from the competition comes down to stylistic features and accents to make them pop! If you are wondering how to make an essential oil bottle label, the answer is just a few clicks away. The internet is full of free essential oil bottle label template options that can help you design your label, with hot and cold foils in a variety of colors that can be printed instantly. In recent years, online businesses have provided opportunities to expand your branding options by embossing the label with your brand logo or adding a gloss varnish that can be applied all over the label or in certain areas to highlight design elements.

You should use the design of your label to make your business stand out with each and every detail possible. There is nothing more memorable than a unique design that speaks to the senses of the consumer. So while they may be visually stunned by the label design, they can also be impressed by the tactical elements like a soft feel or sandpaper finish. For brands looking for luxurious touches to their design, they can add novel varnishes such as glitter, luxury gold, scented labels, and more! And as always, nothing offers a more luxurious feel to your products like glass packaging, so find plenty of unique sizes & styles at