Top 5 Essential Oils Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Essential Oils Marketing Strategies

Essential oils are a popular product that has shown increasing market demand over the past decade due to their multifaceted uses in the healthcare industry, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. Since we’ve seen that a rise in organic products has influenced consumer trends, there has been an increase in plant-based oils to replace synthetic fragrances and animal-based components.

Why Essential Oils?

The natural healing and wellness properties of essential oils make them a trendy product that can be used medicinally, to enhance the home, or provide relaxation. This versatility makes essential oils one of the go-to products to incorporate into a business and market to a wide range of consumers. Today we’re going to break down the fundamentals of essential marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

Identify Essential Oils Market Trends

The first step to conquering the essential oils market is choosing a niche and selling it to your target audience. We’re seeing a continuous rollout of essential oil trends and the products used to enhance their benefits whether it’s a diffuser or in aromatherapy. Niche marketing relies on choosing a business focus and honing in on a specific target audience. Within the essential oil business, focusing on niche marketing can position you as an authority and help hone your content and voice. Here are a few examples of niche marketing within the essential oil market:

  • Cosmetics
  • Skincare
  • Holistic healthcare
  • Naturotherapy
  • Gut health

Deciding on the niche you want to invest in depends on the types of essential oils you plan to sell, who your target audience is, and where you feel your brand will stand out among the competition. Is your ideal consumer an entrepreneur working at a spa? Perhaps it’s a holistic doctor who prescribes natural remedies to their patients. There are plenty of opportunities to market and sell your essential oil blends to your niche audience once you determine how to position the essential oils within your business structure.

Understand What Makes Your Essential Oil Products Unique

Understand What Makes Your Essential Oils Unique

With every brand clamoring to incorporate essential oils into their line of products, you have to step back and decide what makes your essential oil products unique. A large factor of making your essential oil products appealing to a consumer is establishing a clear brand voice and personality to define your business.

Building brand awareness is important to marketing your product in order to entice the consumer and have them invest in your business. You should consider your mission, values, and what type of essential oil business you want to be.

Is your personality cool, calm, and collected? Is it chic and luxurious? All of these fundamental characteristics will help position your business role in the market and build out your business model as you consider aesthetic choices and details like logo designs. Consider how you developed your labels and translate that into the personality of your brand. Labels are an easy path for a consumer to discover your product and whether it’s chic embossing or funky font, that can also help define your brand presence in the market.

Social Media Marketing For Your Products

Social media is the crown jewel of marketing regardless of the platform you choose to use. Whether you’re a TikTok maven or Facebook guru, there are countless ways to connect with audiences online and showcase the beauty of essential oils. You can get creative with beautiful imagery that shows the various scents in a bottle or the personality of your business. If you want to go with a video, there are long and short media options that can show various ways essential oils can be used. For example, you could show they are used on the skin or ways to combine them in a product like a diffuser.

There are several benefits of social media marketing, but none is more important than having the ability to quickly engage with your customers and promote their content. People love to tag their favorite businesses in their stories and photos, which gives you organic and authentic content to promote. It’s an easy way to see how the customers are using your products and get a free review that you can use on your feed.

Marketing on social media also provides opportunities to partner with influencers and find ambassadors that are excited to share your unique product with their audience. Once you get a handle on organically managing your social media and driving engagement to your page you can invest in marketing your products with paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

The topic of website traffic has never been more popular than in the past decade as we see more businesses create online websites that serve as the home base for their products. Web traffic is important to not only educate the consumer on your products but to transform them from visitors to customers. Getting traffic to your website can help improve your ranking on search engines like Google, which can increase engagement on your page.

We always recommend that businesses take advantage of the free methods to increase web traffic before putting a dollar behind paid advertising or an SEO expert that could cost you a pretty penny. A few ways to generate organic traffic from your content are through email, blogging, social media, online directories, and more. If you would like to combine your efforts and invest in paid methods to help increase your search traffic you can use Google Ads, retargeting, social media advertising, and display advertising to boost website traffic.

Sell Your Essential Oil Products Online

Sell Your Essential Oil Products Online

After you’ve established a few key marketing strategies for your essential oils business, it’s time to get your business online and start selling your products. There are hundreds of online web hosts that offer different plan pricing options that are affordable and E-Commerce friendly to meet any budget that you may have.

Choosing a commerce-friendly web host like Shopify or Wix is great for beginner or intermediate users who want great customer support, theme designs, and payment options to include on their website. While creating a website from scratch can feel like a daunting task, having a commerce-friendly web host means you’ll get added support and value that will get you online quickly and safely.

If you prefer to sell your products via popular sites like Amazon or Etsy, this can allow you to not only manage your business from home but also tap into a global market. Amazon and Etsy are both highly profitable websites that give entrepreneurs plenty of support to grow their business and increase profits. So how do you get customers to visit your website?

You can start by building an email list of engaged & recurring customers and send them weekly updates with new pages and features in your online store. Having an email list gives you a list of people who are already interested in your business and keeping them updated with email marketing is an excellent strategy to growing your platform.

Success can smell as sweet as your essential oils, and we hope the tips above can help you achieve it with your brand & essential oil products.