Honey Packaging Guide

honey packaging - glass bottles and jarsLearn all about honey packaging and products with this informative guide. 

With more than 2.68 million honey producing colonies in the United States alone, there is quite a bit of honey to be packaged, both for personal use and retail. The foundation of effective honey packaging starts with storing honey in a clean, airtight, wide-topped food grade container.

From there, honey bottled for retail markets requires attractive packaging that reflects your brand in a way consumers can easily identify your unique honey products—whether by locality or floral source.  While an original logo and label communicates your brand ultimately, selecting the ideal container for your honey is the first step in packaging your honey to perfection.

When deciding between glass & plastic packaging, we discovered in a recent blog on the matter that there really is no contest. For high end luxury honey products, creating an expensive glass container to reflect your brand is a possibility. For those wishing to package their honey beautifully, while keeping costs manageable, there are a myriad of glass bottle and jar designs perfect for achieving this.

To that end, we are excited to introduce you to our Glassnow honey packaging collection. We have developed a full range of glass honey pots, jars and bottles in a variety of classic shapes and sizes. Our corresponding accessories and closures, including wooden spoons and cork, wood and metal lids add the finishing touch.

Below we’ve curated several of our glass honey containers, in classic and new styles, to give you an idea of the packaging possibilities. Any of the quintessential honey jars and bottles from our collection can be taken to the next level and made to reflect your brand uniquely through a custom label design.


New to our honey range is the (C5145) 8 oz Apothecary Glass Jar with threaded neck. It’s perfect topped with a silver or black metal screw cap. The black cap especially corresponds with the honey bee colors and exudes a contemporary feel.


The (C6122) 8.5 oz Glass Jar makes a charming honey container with extra wide mouth, cork lid and wooden spoon.


Another new addition in honey containers, is ideal for those who prefer bottles to jars. The (C5527) 8 oz. Apothecary Bottle with large mouth and threaded neck offers a clever honey container alternative.

For packaging petite portions of honey, the (C6108) 1.2 oz Honey Pot with Cork Lid makes the perfect sampler container.


For larger honey quantities, the (CG5084) 16.9 oz Honey Jar with Cork Lid can hold its own. This glass jar is made from recycled glass and perfect for those who are eco-conscious.

Corresponding closures add the finishing touch to our glass containers including metal screw caps, bamboo lids, and tapered corks. You’ll also find wood and bamboo spoons, and heat bands to fit all of our jars and bottles.

Shop now for the honey containers above and an array of glass honey packaging on Glassnow.com.

Haven’t found the ideal honey container for you? If you would like to pursue designing a completely unique glass bottle or jar of your own, submit a request and give us an idea of what you have in mind and we will give you a quote for a custom glass design.

Image source: NHB website.

DYK: A bee colony has to fly more than 55,000 miles to produce just one pound of honey.

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