Ideas for Making Unique Decorative Candles

Decorative Candles

Decorative candles attract a large audience and entice new customers to shop for your products. Customers are more likely to purchase a candle that not only smells great but complements their home decor and personality, too. Keep reading to find new ideas for your candle business!

Decorative Candles with Wax Emblems 

Many decorative candles have wax emblems. There are several choices of wax emblem molds on the market; most are made from silicone for easy use.

Follow these steps to create a wax emblem for your business’ new product:

  1. Light a wax stick (one with a wick is recommended). Be careful, as the wax will drip quickly.
  2. With the non-lit end of the wax stick, stir the puddle of melted wax into the proper shape and size.
  3. Slightly moisten your stamp with a breath or by rubbing it on your skin.
  4. Press the stamp into the wax for 10 seconds. Consider the direction and position of the design, if applicable.
  5. Remove the stamp gently; wait longer than 10 seconds if it’s difficult to separate the stamp.
  6. Adorn your candle with the newly-created emblem.

These emblems are also great for wax melts. Thus, having wax emblems at your disposal is an incentive to expand your collection into new fragrance products. Plenty of candle shoppers love small wax melts as an attractive alternative, so they, too, are bound for success in the marketplace.

Decorative Candles
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Consider Branding

Think about your brand message when choosing a wax mold for your decorative candles. The mold should resonate with your brand and fit the candle’s design.

If your candles are themed by season, consider a wax mold with a snowflake design for your Winter candle. Or, consider a mold with an image of succulents for the Summer line.

Trees, animals, and flowers also make for great wax mold designs. If your business is branded on sustainability, think about using a nature-themed mold for your next decorative candle.

Find a New Niche

Consider how your consumers identify themselves. Are they coffee lovers, ice cream aficionados, yoga enthusiasts? Through your decorative candles, you can reflect your audience’s interests.

Brown candle dye, paired with wax emblems that look like ice cubes, would yield a candle that’s akin to an iced coffee. Mimicry like this is a great way to win over an audience. Just make sure the scent of the candle fits well with the design!

Stay Current with Trends

Relatability draws consumers. Try matching the themes of your wax emblems and candle labels to the latest trends.

A popular trend among candlemakers involves using popular TV shows and other trending entertainment to create product labels. For example, after Beyonce releases a new album, consider a “Bey Day” candle with a bee emblem.

If your candle business decides to follow an upcoming trend, just remember that trends have limited lifespans. It will only be a matter of time before your audience moves on from the trend and begins to follow another. Do your best to stay updated with your audience and the topics that have their current attention.

Colored Candles

Candle Dyes for Decorative Candles

Most candle businesses already have their chosen colors. Nevertheless, new candle dyes grow your customer base—when chosen tastefully. We have put together a list of ways to liven up your brand with new, creative ideas and colors.

Plan Colors Based on Season

Season-based events are the perfect time to release a new candle color in your catalog. To plan ahead, consider making a list of all the days that are special to your audience. This should include major holidays, awareness days, and timely events like Pride Month. Add these dates to your scent calendar so you can do all the preparation before releasing event-based products.

Release New Collections

Consumers are always looking for the latest and greatest. ‘Limited time only’ candles are a great marketing tool to get your customers excited and ready for a product release.

New customers appear when limited edition candles come out. Moreover, if your unique candle is attractive, then your existing audience will notice the new product and return for a purchase.

Personality-Based Candle Colors

Consumers love when they relate to the items they purchase. This is especially true of products like candles that are meant to enrich the home.

For your next candle dye, consider colors that speak to different zodiac signs, attitudes, and personality traits. Many consumers know their enneagram test results for example, and you can choose to appeal to those most common in your audience.

To learn more about using color dyes in your collection, read this Candle Making Supplies guide.


Creative candle ideas are key to staying relevant in the competitive industry. Unique colors are eye-catching on the shelves, and wax emblems add an elegant touch. As your candle business expands its product line, remember to stay true to your brand and always consider your audience’s interests.

For more ideas on how to grow your candle business, check out our blog on expanding product offerings!