10 Packaging Design Trends for 2023

2023 Packaging Design

With the new year now underway, businesses everywhere are looking for fresh packaging designs to captivate the 2023 customer. There are plenty of new and returning trends that will shift markets and drive sales in new directions. Keep reading to explore 10 packaging design trends sure to soar through 2023.

1. Eco-friendly Packaging


Recycled Packaging
Glassnow Flat Round Candle Recycled Glass Jar

Sustainability is more than an annual trend; it’s a growing global movement. In 2023, customers want to support green businesses that minimize their carbon footprint. More specifically, customers are trending toward products that are packaged sustainably. Consider the switch to eco-friendly packaging designs in 2023 — your business will attract new customers while supporting the environmental cause.

Glass, metal, and pulp & paper products are the go-to packaging materials for eco-friendly businesses. Glass is naturally recyclable, with no loss in quality as the material is re-processed. Metals, like tin and pulp & paper products, are often recyclable too but avoid materials that are treated or coated with plastic. 

2. Maximalism

Minimalist designs are popular as ever, and the style remains a key feature of many brand identities, particularly in the beauty industry. However, in 2023, many brands are implementing maximalist packaging designs. Maximalist designs commonly include the following features:

  • Bright and bold colors
  • Big fonts
  • Typography scrawls
  • 3d imagery
  • Contrasting colors

If minimalism is a defining element of your brand, there are other trends your business can target in 2023. However, if your business seeks creativity, expression, or a sense of adventure, there’s no better time to design maximalist packaging.

3. Textured Packaging Designs

Physical textures are a rising trend in packaging. Brands commonly use glass bottles or labels that are embossed, debossed, or patterned with pores or holes. Customers are accustomed to the flat sides of product packaging, so textured packaging adds an extra dimension that demands attention. 

Businesses must account for cost upticks with a switch to textured packaging. Thankfully, the upcharge is often low since packaging manufacturers add texture to their glass at the mold-level. Moreover, the luxury of textured packaging comes with a promising ROI. Brands must leave a captivating impression on customers, and textured packaging does just that. At the first moment customers see your product on the store shelf, the textured packaging makes them want to pick it up and hold it. 

4. Warm Vintage

2023 is seeing a return to the 1970s vintage design style. The style is characterized by:

  • Warm colors: muted red, orange, and brown 
  • Wavy artwork
  • Squiggly brush strokes
  • Bold sans-serif fonts

The 70s vintage design style has re-emerged on numerous occasions over the past few decades. Now, businesses once again have the opportunity to follow the trend. As long as you stay within your brand identity, consider implementing some vintage themes into your packaging design this year.

5. Wraparound Patterns

In packaging design, a “wraparound pattern” is a term for a single pattern that seamlessly covers the packaging from front to back. Many brands use labels that fully cover the packaging, and simply apply the pattern to the label. 

Wraparound patterns contribute to a fluid design style that’s naturally eye-catching — and these styles will trend high through 2023. If your brand pursues wraparound patterns, consider designing the pattern in such a way that the products line up nicely when side-by-side on the store shelf.

6. Hand-drawn Aesthetics

Products with a handmade touch have always won over customers. Thus, it’s unsurprising that packaging labels with hand-drawn illustrations are trending upward. The rough, sketch-like style adds a personal touch to a packaging design.

Hand-drawn label illustrations attract customers in some product markets more than others. If your business sells candles, essential oils, cosmetics, or hygiene products, consider following this trend in 2023. 

7. Earthy Colors

Many businesses connect with customers’ eco-conscious preferences by using earthy, natural colors in their product packaging. In 2023, colors like brown and dark green will be common in packaging designs. If your brand plans on green marketing this year, consider these colors for your upcoming products.

8. Transparent Packaging

Transparent Packaging
Glassnow Glass Bottles

Customers care more than ever before about their products’ ingredients. As a result,  consumers prefer clear packaging that lets them peek at the product before purchasing. This is especially true in the beauty and cosmetics markets.

Brands that use clear packaging must balance transparency with label space. This can be tricky, but if done well, customers will appreciate the transparent packaging while the label effectively communicates your brand messaging.

9. QR Codes

Though they were already well-known beforehand, QR codes boomed during the pandemic. The QR code has become a staple marketing tool for retail businesses. Often, brands use a QR code on the outermost layer of packaging. 

QR codes allow businesses to route customers straight to their websites or social platforms. In your next packaging design, consider using a code to link customers to similar products in your online shop.

QR codes are now at the forefront of “smart packaging” — a term that references the upcoming technologies applied to packaging for added utility. The field of smart packaging is still very young, so keep an eye out for new technology that will improve your packaging.

10. Personalized Packaging

In many markets, shoppers are trending toward customizable options. During the holidays, custom sales spike as customers buy gifts with custom tags. Still, throughout the year, brands have creative ways to attract customers with personalized packaging. 

In markets like candles, customers keep the container throughout the lifetime of their product. Consider offering custom color or imagery options if your business operates in a packaging-centric market.


In this new year, there are plenty of packaging trends for your business to follow. Take an eco-friendly and modern approach to business in 2023, and watch for design trends that apply to your industry.

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