How to Guide: Selling Candles Online

Selling candles online

There is nothing like coming home to a fragrant-smelling candle. While the candle itself is not a new invention, it continues to burn bright as every generation evolves the product, from the formulas to the scents. Candles are extremely versatile and have a lot of room for differentiation and customization. In 2020 alone the global scented market size was valued at over $300 billion in the US alone and has an expected growth rate of 8.4% over the next 4 years. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or seasoned e-commerce business looking to grow your brand, here’s your definitive guide to selling candles online.

Selling Candles Online

As we previously mentioned, the numbers don’t lie, candles are a very lucrative business, and the market continues to grow. There are over 2,000 different fragrances currently on the market, which continue expanding to include different wax variations and specialty options like organic candles.  Whether you are a brand new business or have been selling in person for years, selling online is a no-brainer.

Being an online retailer has several advantages like low startup costs if you are on a budget and a plethora of online customers that are eager to shop online. If you’re ready to get your product on the market and begin selling online, there are numerous e-commerce websites that make it easy to get your online business up and running in no time.

Selling Candles Online

Shopify: An All In One eCommerce Platform

If you are looking for a web host with an easy setup and user-friendly dashboard, look no further than Shopify. Shopify is a web hosting source that’s a great option for businesses without a website and is currently the biggest online platform for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. As an e-commerce platform, it features professional themes, a budget-friendly starter plan, and a variety of apps to add functionality to your store.

The easy-to-use interface works well with online advertising that has good reports on sales and store activity. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise organization, there are a variety of packages to help you scale and grow your products.

Easy Website Setup On Wix

For business owners looking for a simple and easy website setup that will get their store online quickly, look no further than Wix. Wix is a web hosting source that’s a great option for businesses without a website who are looking to create an e-commerce store with a custom domain name. This web host makes it easy to set up your store and sell candles quickly by building a dynamic & creative website that has an e-commerce option.

With over 500 professional templates and multiple payment gateways to give your customers flexibility in their payment methods, this is an easy solution for getting started quickly. Wix also features an easy-to-use interface that works well with online advertising.

Sell Candles On Etsy

Etsy: For The Homemade Candles

Etsy is another popular e-commerce venue that serves as an online marketplace for creatives who run a variety of local businesses. This platform was made for small businesses to sell their products worldwide by making it easy to brand your shop and reach a global market without the headache of setting up a website. Creating an Etsy store is relatively simple whether you have 5 products or 50 products for your store.

One of the benefits of Etsy is its ability to tap into niche markets and connect with your target audience so you are easily discoverable. Chances are if you are selling holiday scented candles, there is a whole line of customers who will be engaging with your page because of the reputation Etsy has for being the go-to-market for creative and decorative items like candles. You also have the ability to expand your marketing efforts by connecting your blog or website to your Etsy shop, as well as promoting it on social media.

Selling Candles On Amazon

Amazon is the biggest global retailer on the market that allows you to reach millions of people within a matter of seconds. Amazon makes it relatively easy to get started selling candles by helping sellers become discoverable through categories and giving them dynamic tools and technology to help them scale. Whether you’re a small business or growing enterprise, Amazon allows you to market your products next to big brands (and beat them out) while putting your products in front of new customers.

For a company selling a niche candle scent or collection, you have a variety of advertising options that are targeted & lucrative regardless of your industry. As long as you follow the Amazon product specifications for your store, you can get your page up and running in a matter of minutes. Your candles have the chance to be front and center with details that will help potential customers learn more about your brand, whether it’s the wax type or unique packaging.

Sell Candles on Facebook & Instagram

Selling Candles on Facebook & Instagram

Social media platforms may have been a little late to the e-commerce party, but they are here now and not looking back. The Facebook and Instagram shops have made it easier for businesses to upload and sell their products directly within their platforms through their integrated shop services. The number of people using these platforms for shopping is rising as businesses advertise and market directly to their followers all within the platform, with no website or design experience needed.

If you have an e-commerce platform like Wix or Shopify, they make it easy to upload your product catalog directly from your website and then purchased from within the apps where you can track and monitor the sales. If you’re selling on Instagram, make sure to tag your products in your posts directly for viewers to shop from, where they can see the price and name of the product. The various advertising options include placing your products in user feeds for direct shopping which you can customize with video or media placements that can appear in ads or stories.

With so many options available to sell online, there’s no excuse for missing out on the plethora of opportunities there are. Start building your online audience today and get your product in their hands!