The Definitive Guide to Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics packaging generally refers to the types of packaging used within personal care and fragrance products. When you think of your favorite cosmetics packaging, what comes to mind? Is it modern colors with cool fonts? Perhaps it’s trending packaging options that feature eye-catching patterns or earthy colors. Currently, the global cosmetic packaging market is estimated to value $35 million dollars by 2027 with projections for this to increase with packaging products like recycled plastic and waste glass. As we see new and emerging beauty trends looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors, 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year for companies to innovate their cosmetic packaging supplies.

Product Packaging

Packaging can make or break the marketing within your business. Before a customer ever has an opinion on how your product smells or interacts with their skin, they are going to be enamored or turned off by the packaging. Consumers buying behavior can be directly influenced by the type of packaging you use in your products which can vary based on color, patterns, and what type of material you are using to package the products.

Trends are some of the most impactful aspects of cosmetic packaging that can unlock amazing opportunities to create packaging that directly speaks to the customer. In 2021 the beauty industry saw an explosion of renewed interest in skincare packaging which led to inclusive packaging with numerous colorways.

Other aspects of the beauty industry included trends with smaller details and illustrations, storytelling aspects behind the packaging/names/product, and geometric or symmetrical logos/patterns.

Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging

Building Out Your Brand

Branding is a pivotal aspect of cementing your brand presence in the already overcrowded cosmetics industry. Defining the look, tone, and voice of your brand helps to establish who you are and what you represent to your customers. Are you selling skincare? Is the target audience young women? Do you plan to sell one product or several?

All of these questions help to lay the groundwork for your brand and help to define the messaging and design style of your products. Once you identify the aspects of your brand and/or style that you’d like to have featured, you can start incorporating them throughout all of your offerings which will showcase the style, colors, and fonts that best tell your brand story. Incorporating niche elements like your logo, cosmetics packaging containers, and typography can all assist in helping your brand be easily identifiable to consumers so they are easily accessible in a sea of products on the shelves.

The Definitive Guide to Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging

The Importance of High-Quality Cosmetics Packaging 

Today’s consumer does not just want quality products, but quality packaging to accompany their favorite lipsticks, makeup, and nail polish. Reliable packaging that does not easily break, indent, or fall apart can go a long way with the everyday consumer looking to align their loyalties with a signature brand. Poor or cheap packaging can result in an unsatisfactory user experience which means they’re less likely to return.

Most containers include either plastic or glass packaging and can range from pumps, sprayers, droppers, tins, and tubes. Even if you plan on creating affordable beauty products, the packaging can still evoke quality and luxury like the Glossier packaging or Rare beauty packaging. Packaging should match the look and feel of your luxury products to create brand consistency and positive consumer sentiment.

Glass containers help to bolster this theme by giving products a more high-quality look and feel. Glass products are also more environmentally friendly options than paper or plastic containers and can be reused by consumers.

Match Your Beauty Products with the Right Accessories

The ease of usability is a big thing for consumers. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than being unable to get the product out of a bottle or a pump that doesn’t smoothly release the product. When trying to get ready, having the right product accessories is essential for an optimal beauty routine.

Accessories can help to cement branding in addition to creating a unique experience for the customer void of just simply using the product. For example, products that utilize a pump dispenser are often superior to something that requires being screwed off and back on. Incorporating these small yet consumer-mindful aspects can help launch your brand to new heights, especially when starting out.

Cosmetic accessories can vary depending on the type of product you are marketing such as fragrance pumps, droppers, or disc tops. Glassnow features pumps and misters that will complement custom cosmetics packaging whether you’re looking to create body lotions or fragrance sprays.

The Definitive Guide to Beauty & Cosmetics Packaging

Choosing the Right Cosmetics Packaging for Beauty Samples

Customers love samples and within the cosmetic industry, these little introductions to a product remain in high demand from influencers to first-time customers. Providing samples to consumers can help to leave a great first impression/introduction to new product offerings and allow you to engage customer sentiment before you begin your marketing strategy.

This is also a popular concept with social media influencers who receive a sample or introductory boxes that allow them to give real-time responses and feedback which can impact new consumers. Having sample sizes can also provide ample opportunities for travel sizes that can pass TSA’s carry-on limitations.

Typically samples are usually 2 oz. or less so you can package your beauty staples with the 1.7 oz. Cylindra glass threaded bottle or the 2 oz. diamond glass threaded bottle to create the perfect sample sizes.

Shipping Packaging: Ensure a Safe Delivery 

One of the most essential aspects of packaging is picking the right shipping material to ensure there is no breakage with the shipping and handling process. This is especially important with glass containers that might need additional shipping package options such as: packing peanuts, crinkle cut paper strips, padded mailers, green wrap, or any solution that can help protect your products. Your packaging also provides the chance for you to personalize the customer experience by adding special touches like a handwritten note, card, or discount coupon to keep your customer coming back for more.

In the competitive world of beauty and cosmetics, the packaging is the one avenue that can truly help your products stand out. As customers continue to jump on the latest beauty trends and their benefits from celebrities, influencers, and social platforms, they are ready to invest in high-quality packaging and accessories from the brands they love.

Once you begin researching and exploring different packaging options, you’ll want to invest in reliable packaging that enhances your customer’s experience. Beauty is synonymous with luxury whether you’re a drug store brand or high-end cosmetics company which means you’ll want to use glass packaging to keep your products and sample sizes safe. Shop glass packaging options for your beauty and cosmetics products with Glassnow today!