Double Roma Bottle Metal Stand - Sample


Exquisite in form and practical in function, the double black metal stand emerges as a quintessential accessory for lovers of streamlined design. This diligently crafted stand with a powder-coated finish, does not merely exist to serve but to elevate. Purposely designed to cradle two roma bottles (item 6054), the stand, with its dark, refined aesthetic, imparts an aura of sleek sophistication to any space it inhabits, while also preserving the structural and visual integrity of the bottles it hosts. The presence of a central pole not only stabilizes the stand and bottles but also provides a convenient means of transportation, facilitating effortless movement across various settings.

The strategic positioning of the bottles, flanking the central pole, allows for an easy, unobstructed access and replacement, ensuring that the unit serves its functional purpose without compromising on visual harmony. Thus, this stand, in its dark, understated elegance, stands as a testament to the beautiful fusion of utility and design.

Designed to fit items 5054 and 6054.


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Specs & Description

  • Powder-coated finish ensures enhanced durability and a steadfast, premium aesthetic by resisting wear and potential corrosion.
  • Designed with a balanced base to ensure stability on countertops, preventing accidental tipping or spillage.
  • Securely cradles bottles, safeguarding them from potential damage and preserving their structural integrity.
  • While ideal for oil and vinegar, the stand can also accommodate various liquid storage and dispensation needs, providing functional versatility.
  • Th centralized handling pole facilitates convenient transportation and repositioning of the stand with ease and stability.
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Cap ML:
2.95 (in)
5.91 (in)
7.56 (in)
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1 unit

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