9 Marketing Strategies for Beauty and Cosmetic Brands

Cosmetic Marketing

The global beauty market is predicted to grow to $750 billion by 2024, and growth in the online market has been especially strong. It may be a hard industry to navigate, but it’s our goal to provide some marketing tactics that you can use on your beauty line. Here’s our top 9 cosmetic marketing strategies you can act on to grow your brand!

Build the Brand of Your Beauty Line

You can only really start experimenting with brand marketing strategies once you have a pretty good idea of what your brand represents.

The first step to defining your brand is understanding the trends of the industry. Research your target audience and find out what brands they’re buying when it comes to moisturizer, beard oil, or whichever products specifically apply to your product line.

After you’ve done your research, you’ll want to set your brand apart — highlight what makes it unique. There’s plenty of ways to do this, but perhaps one of the safest yet most effective ways to do so is by associating the brand of your beauty business with your own personal brand.

Build Up a Personal Brand

A strong personal brand can build credibility of your beauty line and help you come across as an established expert in the industry. We see examples of personal branding everywhere when it comes to cosmetic marketing — Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, just to name a few (Given, those two were household names long before their entrepreneurial efforts in beauty products). Still, growing your personal brand to have the reach of a micro-influencer is possible using a variety of strategies:

  • Write blogs and articles
  • Talk about what inspired you to launch the cosmetic line
  • Share your story, challenges, knowledge, future plans
  • Share the goals of the business

Implementing these tactics can reinforce your leadership of the business while also making customers feel better about a purchase. 

Having a good, well-established personal brand makes customers feel like their purchases are more person-to-person rather than a transaction from a business.

Build Up a Personal Brand

Marketing Your Beauty and Cosmetics Brand on Social Media

Having a strong, consistent voice on social media is no longer an option when it comes to brand marketing strategies. It’s a necessity. For beauty products and cosmetics specifically, there’s a range of ways to find success on social media. 

When you consider why someone buys beauty products, it’s easy to see why Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok are such great avenues for promoting your product. They’re platforms based on imagery!

With visually-based social media platforms, you can show off the exact results of using your products.

Before we get more into some specific things you can do for your beauty line on social media, here’s three essential guidelines for having a strong online presence:

  • Post content frequently. To stay top-of-mind, it’s important to maintain your online voice.
  • Respond and interact. When you engage with your audience, they’re more likely to keep engaging with your profile. Interaction builds a community and shows a human side behind the beauty business.
  • Cross-promote your channels. Connecting your profiles can drive up engagement on all your platforms. Introduce your Instagram audience to your TikTok, for example, showing them exclusive content on another format. This makes it easy for potential customers to discover your entire online presence, your profiles, your website, and your online store.

Find Brand Ambassadors on Instagram

Using brand ambassadors can be a small investment with very high rewards. 

For example, by simply offering micro-influencers free or discounted products and perhaps some cash, your brand could get thousands of engagements from a single Instagram post.

Promote Your Cosmetics with Video Content

Video content has grown more and more popular, and videos using beauty products are no exception. Some videos you might consider are makeup or cosmetic tutorials, short clips of applying the product, and “behind the scenes” footage.

Promote Your Cosmetics with Video Content

Another prominent example is before-and-after images, which are huge when it comes to promoting beauty products. They show the impact of a product in a very straightforward way.

Using the same “before-and-after” strategy in video content can achieve the same effect, but with a few added embellishments. Here are some reasons you may use this strategy in video content as opposed to an image:

  • The model, actor or representative in the video may add their own personalized voice that echoes your brand.
  • The viewer may see the before-and-after effect as more trustworthy if they see someone actually using the product.
  • A video may seem to have a more human element than a still photograph.

Collaborate with Spas and Venues

A great in-person strategy for marketing your beauty brand is getting your products in trustworthy venues where great beauty products are expected.

Getting in spas, salons, hotels, etc., can both monetize your business and spread brand awareness.

Collaborate with Spas and Venues

Collaborate with Organizations for Good Causes

Working with good causes, either by donating a portion of your proceeds to a nonprofit organization or by spreading awareness of the organization’s efforts, helps support something you believe in while also marketing to people with those same values.

Consider your brand’s identity, and see if there are any good causes that it would seem natural to partner up with.

For example, if your beauty products don’t test on animals, you could partner with or support an organization for animal rights or environmental conservation thus helping establish your values as a business.

Click here to learn more about cause marketing initiatives.

Driving Traffic to Your Cosmetic Business Website

Traffic is the keyword of the internet. And you want all of it. The two big ways to get people on your website are through paid advertising and tactics that generate organic traffic to your ecommerce store.

Paid Advertising on Google, Facebook, & Instagram

Paid advertising is a direct and quick way to increase the visibility of your website and social media posts.

Be sure to explore your ad-targeting options for Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other channels. You can test out some ads using quick tools such as adwhale. And don’t forget to retarget your advertisements. Shoppers who visit your website can be served ads later on, with messages that are specific to their previous experiences. 

Having tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Ads Tag installed help navigate the retargeting process. Facebook Pixel works to track ad conversions and optimize ads, while Google Ads Tag tracks ad conversions as well, and remarkets products on your website.

Generate Organic Traffic

Organic traffic should be the main source of traffic to your website. To generate more organic traffic, try out these recommendations:

  • Email marketing: This may include website/social media content, new products updates, promotions, coupons, and brand newsletters.
  • Blogs: The content should echo your brand’s message. Blogs might include free recipes and engaging video tutorials.
  • SEO-Optimized Website: Every page on your site, and your website’s structure, should aim to rank well with Google.

Offer Promotions and Discounts

Many beauty products and cosmetics are generally in high demand, but rather expensive at the same time.

Offering discounts and promotions, either online or at brick and mortar locations, can be something you advertise to gain attention, and can be a way to convince customers away from the typical brands they purchase.

Use Creative Packaging for Your Cosmetics

Inevitably, creativity is what makes your brand unique. Packaging is the first thing people see on the shelves, and it’s meant in part to represent your brand — so it should be creative as well.

You do have to keep up with modern and changing trends when it comes to cosmetic packaging. There’s obviously no one right answer for what packaging to use, but here below is our selection of products:

Calypso Glass JarCalypso Glass Jar6 oz.A wonderfully designed jar perfect for a range of beauty products.
Square Glass Jar 3.4Square Glass Jar3.4 oz.A jar with a unique design, great if you’re looking for a rigid symmetry
Rio Glass BottleRio Glass Bottle5 oz.A sturdy bottle with a classic style.
Square Glass Jar 1.5Square Glass Jar1.5 oz.A small, square jar with tons of charm.
Apothecary Glass BottleApothecary Glass Bottle3.4 oz.Modern and classic all at once.

For a more detailed guide on packaging design, check out our blog here. Or, if you need ideas for your cosmetics label, see our free PSD templates here.

Your Beauty Brand is Set for Growth

We do hope this guide has given you some ideas about brand marketing strategies for your beauty line. 

With the right products and the right packaging, you should make sure to use the best marketing strategies to capitalize on your investments. If you build a relatable brand, add a bit of creativity to your social posts, and collaborate with others, your beauty line should be on the right track.