Fall 2022 Packaging Trends

Packaging trends change with the seasons. Each season has its personality, and Fall’s aura is dark but comfortable—causing consumers to feel reminiscent or nostalgic. Every year when Fall rolls around, packaging trends shift to accommodate this emotional response. Keep reading to learn about glass packaging types that will sell in the upcoming season.

Popular Glass Jars, Bottles, and Candle Containers for Fall 2022

In 2022, glass packaging will continue to grow in popularity. The material’s sustainability, quality, and style make glass the premium packaging choice, winning over customers left and right. As in years past, this trend will continue through Fall 2022. There’s certainly no shortage when it comes to effective glass packaging tailor-made for the season.

There are particular trends in the Fall season that make some options more popular than others. Among consumers, these seasonal trends make one glass bottle more eye-catching than another—at least until winter.

Glass Bottles

Products like essential oils, hygiene, cooking oils, and sauces are all best packaged in glass bottles. Let the Fall season influence your packaging choices for these products, but first, recall the basics. Small, round bottles are the best way to display essential oils. Meanwhile, cooking and hygiene products are prone to sharper designs via square, rectangular, or pyramid-shaped bottles.

Assuming the design is on-brand, the Fall season encourages warm, ornate packaging. Consider glass packaging choices that make customers feel at home and cozy with your product.

Glassnow Apothecary Bottles

Glass Jars

Some products require threaded lid jars for safe packaging. For those that don’t, however, cork-top jars are a great option. Corks have a rustic design, echoing the nature-themed season. Honey bottles work well with cork tops, and a wooden spoon or other side-piece complements the packaging design perfectly.

String or rope knots around the jar lip also create a warm aesthetic in the Fall. For many products, this small addition makes a world of difference. The simple knot emphasizes the love and care put into the product. As such, the glass jar feels like more than just a container; it becomes a piece of tasteful, homey decor.

Candle Containers

The candle industry is highly competitive, and businesses must constantly keep up with the trends. Votive candles are a popular choice year-round, and Fall is no exception. The simplicity of a votive is perfect for customers who prefer a minimal home design in the upcoming season.

Rounder designs like the apothecary glass jar also look great in the Fall. This packaging style gives large candles a strong visual presence. As customers sit at home with your candle, the image of your product will serve as an ongoing reminder of your brand.

8 oz. Apothecary Jars

As an additional, specific suggestion: many candle makers incorporate the image of a fallen leaf into their packaging or label. This clear call to the Fall season will trend high once again this year, in the candle industry and beyond. Consider seasonal imagery like this as you plan your next packaging design.

Trending Packaging Colors for Fall 2022

In the Fall, popular packaging colors reflect the cozy aesthetic of the season. Consumers make emotional connections with seasonal colors, drawing from common past experiences from this time of year. The following sections cover 4 specific colors that fit the Fall criteria for glass bottles, jars, and containers.

Dark Amber

Dark amber is a signature color of the Fall season. A quick search on Google Images for “Fall colors,” “Fall glass packaging,” or similar queries makes for solid evidence of amber’s popularity.

Many Fall-themed products work well in dark amber packaging. Think of pumpkin spice flavors, cinnamon-scented candles, and of course, honey jars. Amber matches the tone of these products perfectly. Thus, it will be no surprise to see amber colors all across the store shelves once again this Fall.

Glassnow Dark Amber Guam Votive Candle Container

Vintage Green

A dark green color contrasts the usual arrays of orange and amber product packaging found in the Fall. Yet, it too is an eye-catching color in the season. Autumn is tied to nature more than any other season, and vintage green echoes the consumers’ yearning for the outdoors.

16 oz. Lexington Container

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a color that makes a statement in the Fall season. The deep blue hue is a bold branding choice, demanding customers’ attention to your product. As many customers will have orange and amber colors in their homes, cobalt will complement the standard colors wonderfully. Consumers who care for a complete, thematic home design will surely take a liking to a dash of cobalt in the Fall.

Depending on the industry, cobalt packaging may suit your business just as well in the Winter, if not even better than in the Fall. With redirected marketing efforts targeting the chilly season, cobalt packaging will continue to serve you well into 2023.

Cobalt Blue Calypso Jar

Stormy Gray

Stormy gray is a dark, neutral shade that suits glass packaging very well for more ornate branding. As the name implies, the ‘stormy’ weather imagery connects consumers to a familiar Fall setting. Customers will feel something to the effect of being shut inside due to weather, pleasantly cozied by candlelight.

8.5 oz. Heavy Glass Containers


Fall trends encourage a variety of packaging choices. Stay true to your brand as you plan your next product release, but consider packaging adjustments that cater to the season. Regarding colors, the lovely dark amber may be the safest Fall pick, but there are certainly other options that will convert customers.

Ahead of your Fall product launch, read up on bulk glass packaging for the best ROI.