Types of Bulk Glass Containers

In today’s society, glass is a staple product of the household. Due to its unique and luxury features, glass is a versatile item to use as containers, candle jars, decorative items, and more. Many industries purchase bulk glass containers because of the cost-efficiency and added benefits. Find out how buying in bulk can help your company grow.

Glass Market Trends

The glass market has proven to be a lucrative endeavor for businesses with a 3.8% growth between 2016 and 2020. This growth has been a reflection of businesses interested in incorporating eco-friendly packaging into their products.

Another factor is the durability, optical properties, and low cost of glass. The future outlook of glass containers showcases it as the premiere item for luxury packaging in the liquor and cosmetic markets.

Despite the disruptions in the supply chain from the pandemic, industries like retail packaging and eCommerce were still able to source glass containers for their businesses with a swift turnaround.

Bulk Glass Containers
Calypso Jars with Spoon Clip and Bamboo Spoon

How to Buy Bulk Glass Containers

One of the first choices to buy in bulk is the type of color, size, and shape of your glass containers based on your industry.

Glass has distinct properties that make it distinguishable from items like plastic or synthetic materials, making it a premium asset for any business.

Bulk Glass Containers Styles

If you’re a candle seller on an eCommerce store like Etsy that has a theme, you may want to sell glass containers that are trendy and feature an array of color options for your customer to choose from.

Let’s say you’re a big box cosmetics retailer looking to change your product design for the holidays. Swapping out large glass containers for smaller sample sizes would be great as stocking stuffers or a great alternative to your usual offerings.

Wholesale is Cost-Efficient

Every industry’s use of glass varies based on its product needs. Calculating the amount of material you need is crucial for helping ease financial costs and determining where you can get the most variety. When you buy from wholesale retailers like Glassnow, you can shop a variety of options at lower price points which can help boost profit margins.

You also have the option to maximize your sales with bulk sales that can be marketed due to higher quality of stock from a trusted retailer who can meet consistent demands. Determining the best type of bulk glass containers is best for your business should be done with your current industry trends and consumer demand at the top of mind.

Bulk Glass Containers
8.5 oz Square Glass Jars

The Benefits of Buying Bulk Glass Containers

Buying in bulk whether you’re a wholesale retailer or a small business looking to maximize your inventory has to be done strategically. One of the benefits of buying bulk glass containers is that glass packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable. Glass does not affect the flavor of food or beverages, has little to no chemical reactions, and keeps scents fresh.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Using glass as opposed to other products can provide big advantages to your business. Glass is naturally safe and doesn’t negatively impact the environment or people. These are positioning tools that can be used in marketing and branding to showcase your sustainability efforts and relay to your customers that your business takes its carbon footprint seriously.

Glass is Durable

If you’re looking for a product you can rely on, glass has a rapid time to market ratio because it can go from recycling bins to shelves within 30 days. Glass is one of the few products that has assured quality that has longevity, consistency, and durability to be kept in stock for long periods.

Save Time By Buying Bulk Glass Containers

For businesses looking to save time instead of shopping at a retail store or placing individual orders, you can buy a huge array of stock in one purchase. Using glass also allows you to stay on top of current market trends by being sustainable and eco-friendly. This can increase brand awareness, consumer sentiment, and marketing tactics.

Current market trends showcase glass being used for food storage, beauty products, cosmetics, and beverages as more businesses make the transition from plastic to glass.

Bulk glass containers

Types of Bulk Glass Containers and Their Uses

No two glass containers are the same and that is why understanding how different types of bulk glass containers can be used to sell your products is important.

The Fragrance Industry

Buying fragrance bottle jars wholesale is a great investment with the rise of luxury fragrances repackaged in sample-size bottles. They are used in subscription boxes and sold in major retailers. Fancy glass bottles can add radiance and elegance to your packaging and be used to position your business as a high-end business.

Bulk Glass Containers for Bath and Body Products

The bath and body industry has been growing in the wake of self-care and holistic methods for improving wellness. Having a variety of bulk glass options can expand your bottom line and showcase a range of products. This could include lotions, hand creams, bath salts, face creams, and more.

Wholesale Candle Containers

Buying candle jars wholesale will give you more choices and less hassle during busy months like the holidays when candle sets and gift packaging options are at an all-time high for shoppers.

If you’re wanting to expand your home collection from candle jars to reed diffusers then you can include these types of glass containers in your purchasing decisions. Provide your consumers education around their benefits, uses, and reusability.


With the current glass market valued at $5.5 billion, there are over 18,000 skilled workers and 49 glass manufacturing plants which work to create products for glass container companies. As the world is opening back up and we’re seeing glass containers become the first choice for luxury packaging from retailers all over the world to increase product line and market share.

If you’re looking to invest in bulk glass containers for your business this season, Glassnow has got you covered. Visit our website to see our wholesale selection!