Fancy Glass Bottles for Packaging Specialty Products

For manufacturers with specialty food products, fancy glass bottles offer a touch of ornamentation and beauty to product packaging.  Classic motifs and filigree elements highlight the design of our European glass bottles made from 50 to 100% recycled content.


Besides adding brilliance and beauty to your packaging, recycled glass is becoming the consumer-preferred packaging material over plastic. It is a sustainable cyclic material reported to be better for health and the environment. Glass boasts an infinite life cycle and remains forever planet & human friendly  (read more about our recycled glass here).

Manufacturers who produce gourmet and specialty products are sure to love our glass bottles for containing their cooking oils and craft beverages. Each bottle has corresponding dispensers and closures for a complete packaging solution, such as metal pour spouts, bar tops and corks.

Additionally, our fancy glass bottles with dispensers are ideal for restaurants for serving oils and sauces on tables or buffets.


A myriad of color options are available to add a pop of excitement to your product lines. Depending upon the style chosen, our color bottle options include lime, orange, aqua,  cobalt blue, vintage green, dark amber and more.

Below we’ve curated a collection of our most popular embellished glass bottles. Each is available in bulk quantities with wholesale tier-pricing discounts.


16.9oz streamline glass bottle aqua no cork – case of 12

16oz olive leaf glass bottle lime no cork – case of

23.7oz ribbon recycled glass bottle with cork – case of 6


25.4oz leaf recycled glass bottle with cork – case of 6


23.7oz ornate recycled glass bottle cobalt blue with cork – case of 6

Looking for something a bit different? Shop for a range of recycled glass bottles in a capacious assortment of sizes, shapes and styles suited for packaging specialty food products, beauty and fragrance products.