Candle Business Tips for the Holidays

Candle Business Tips for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to let your candles shine bright, and there has never been a better time to kick your candle business into high gear. With supplies in stock and marketing initiatives to spearhead seasonal campaigns, candle makers are ready for the holiday season. Get ready for a splendid holiday season with 3 tips that will help you prepare, plan, and pivot your products in new directions.

Candle Business Tip #1: Create a Holiday Scent Release Calendar

Candle businesses use scent release calendars to plan their upcoming product rollouts. Your business will be more efficient with a calendar that accommodates the holiday season. A holiday scent release calendar keeps you organized. You’ll know when to order materials and packaging, and you’ll have a deadline for production. Plan for the months from now through February 2023 to stay ready for the rapidly rotating holidays.

Once you’ve made a scent release calendar for the holidays, you’ll notice some weeks when your business will be in a higher gear. Some weeks will need more candle production than others, depending on the size of the product line at the time. Similarly, some weeks will be busy for your marketing efforts — whether it’s capturing product photos, pursuing influencer partnerships, or posting on social media. The scent calendar lets you plan for these busy weeks early on. 

The calendar will also help you know when to pull candles from the shelves — either in favor of new products, or to simply avoid being outdated. You’ll notice overlaps – choose key release dates based on customer purchasing behavior, and give your products the space to perform without back-to-back releases. 

Candle Business Tip #2: Order Candle Packaging Early

Candle packaging: Calypso

What is a candle without packaging? Make sure your business is stocked up on the key feature that makes your candle shine. If you’re going into the season trying out new packaging items, then research your options ahead of time. Try to find the right packaging that fits your holiday vision  Most candles have a glass container as product packaging, but if you’re making a gift set or festive candle box, plan to order all the packaging layers. This includes the box, interior packaging to separate items, and any decorations like crinkled paper or tissue.

Whether you need glass containers, votive holders, or lids, pre-order your packaging early to avoid shipping delays during the busy season. Many businesses are in high demand during the holidays, and packaging suppliers are included. Make sure you have the packaging you need, when you need it, by making an early order this season.

With new packaging comes the opportunity to get creative; try updating your labels and product design to fit holiday themes. If you have the customer in mind, then clever names and innovative labels will increase sales and solidify a memorable candle. Find creative ideas that work for your business, be it a snowflake on a lid or a wax emblem of a gingerbread family. Customers love the fluff and fanciful characteristics of the holidays, so don’t shy away from using them in your candles.

Candle Business Tip #3: Make Gift Sets for the Holiday Season

Customers are shopping for gifts that give them the most bang for their buck, meaning gift sets are in high demand this time of year. Holiday gift sets pair customer favorites, best sellers, or new products in unique and festive packaging. 

Gift sets are a great opportunity for your brand to expand its product offerings for the holidays. Wax melts, floating candles, and pillar candles all fit well in a holiday gift. If your candle business hasn’t tried out these products just yet, the holidays are a great time to gauge customer interest.

For your candle gift set, consider grouping holiday-themed scented candles, each packaged in a smaller, sample size container. We recommend pairing complementary scents with custom colors, sold for a limited time over the holidays. As you monitor reviews and gift set sales, you’ll discover the full-size scented candles you want to invest in for the following year. 

Many candle makers allow for customized gift sets via eCommerce. In your online shops, consider giving customers the option to mix and match from a series of new scents or bestsellers. The container style and labels are also avenues for gift-oriented customization. 

As you plan candle gift sets for the holidays, think about the customer’s journey when they open it. Opening gifts is especially sentimental during this season, leaving your brand the opportunity to become memorable via the unboxing. To that point, make sure to use sturdy, protective packaging materials. A clean, undented presentation (and unbroken products) will make for a lovely gift-opening experience.


Remember that the holidays don’t end in December; January and February are still optimal months to create seasonal buzz around your holiday candles. Let your target market influence your design and packaging strategy — and for the holidays, make your products festive. Shoppers want wonderful seasonal items, either for their loved ones or for the comforts of their own homes. Leverage these candle business tips to increase brand awareness and get your holiday trajectory moving in the right direction.

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