Promoting Your Shop on Pinterest

Pinterest has become one of the premiere social media platforms for online retailers looking to sell niche, homemade products whether it’s candles, lotion, scrubs, or DIY materials. Pinterest has a very active user base with over 175 million people (81% of these are women) saving shopping content that spans categories like crafts, recipes, fashion, and home decor.

It remains a platform that helps to drive inspiration for countless shoppers who are looking to discover new products and get creative. Whether it’s gift guides, giveaways, tutorials, or creating a community, Pinterest makes it easy to be discovered and have people shop your products instantly without having to comb through ads and influencer content.

Are you ready to start promoting your Pinterest shop? Keep reading for more details.

Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile

The first step to getting your Pinterest shop ready for promotion is optimizing your shop profile to make your content stand out. Having a Pinterest business account is essential to developing a social media strategy that lets you leverage features like analytics, ads, and community engagement.

If you’re a business that has been using a personal account, don’t worry, it’s very easy to convert the account over to business use to start branding your business. When you’re looking to optimize your Pinterest store, here are a few tips to make it shine:

  • Brand your account using company logos or high-resolution photos that are similar to other social profiles for consistency.
  • Link and verify your website to send pinners from your shop directly to your website for purchases.
  • Create a clever description of your business within 160 characters or less to capture users’ attention.
  • Incorporate a dynamic cover photo that reflects your brand style and tone.

Pinterest Size Recommendations

One of the additional ways to optimize your shop profile is through brand awareness and ensuring all photos meet Pinterest size guidelines. How pictures appear on your profile is extremely crucial to your success because Pinterest puts a limit on width, not length.

The recommended image aspect ratio is 2:3 to 1:3.5 with most pins having a minimum width of 600 pixels. Once you’ve established who your brand is and what pinners can expect from your business, you can start building and organizing your catalogs so users can shop at your store.

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Get Verified on Pinterest

One of the ways to make your profile stand out from the competition is to ensure you’re a part of the verified merchant program which is free and allows your pins to show up in dedicated shopping experiences on Pinterest. The verified merchant program is the equivalent of the coveted “blue check” on Instagram and Twitter because it shows your business is credible, legit, and trustworthy for pinners to shop at.

However, in order to be eligible for the program, you must ensure you have an active and functioning product catalog that will showcase your current price and product information. If your products aren’t set up correctly on your catalog, it can stall this verification process.

Organize Your Pins Into Catalogs

Catalogs can be used to promote your products and are directly added from your website to your Pinterest which can also be used to make shopping ads. A hallmark of Pinterest is creating a storefront with “rich pins” that send shoppers directly to your product page. Consider tailoring your catalog based on seasonality, popularity, and DIY like with candles for an easier shopping experience.

Similar to topics and categories that live on your website, you want to get as specific as possible when labeling and organizing your categories on your Pinterest store. If you’re selling candles you can separate the catalogs into unique categories like holiday scents, the best candles for remote work or mood boosting candles to improve your day.

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How to Create Pins That Make Your Store Stand Out

Pinterest is all about the aesthetics, tone, and visual imagery that can help convert your products to sales to help grow your business. Your pins must be visually appealing with high-quality photography, graphic designs, eye-catching colors and fonts, and graphics that reflect your branding.

High-quality pins on this platform are not just about showcasing a product, but showing and teaching the consumer how a product can be used in their home or business. They have to see the full picture like how a reed diffuser bottle looks in a stylish living room or how a glass soap and lotion bottle can enhance your bathroom decor. A key aspect of creating these pins is diversifying your content with product pins, article pins, or app pins that can help boost engagement and traffic to your website.

Developing a Content Strategy

You’ll want to develop a content strategy that focuses on SEO with search-friendly captions that include topics or keywords that are relevant to your industry like cosmetics and beauty. Writing good pin descriptions enhances your audience’s understanding of what the product is and typically includes a good call to action that encourages a purchase.

We always encourage fun and conversation captions that aren’t heavy-handed in promotion or feature sales copy since the pin lives on your platform indefinitely. Pinterest also features an ad manager that allows you to promote pins via ads which creates a big opportunity for your business to capture the eyes of new customers across the Pinterest platform. Create actionable goals you can work towards that will give your pins visibility and traction with an audience that’s ready to spend money.


Whether you’re a small business owner or a company looking to scale, Pinterest shopping has become a vital tool that 89% of pinners use to research and plan out their purchases. As a primarily visual platform, Pinterest online shopping puts products on display which can help increase brand awareness and give a unique space for you to connect with your target audience. Start promoting your Pinterest shop by making it easier for customers to discover and engage with your business through this innovative platform that allows you to hone into your target audience.