How to Start a Diffuser Business

Diffuser Business

It’s been a challenging few years and in light of the rising stress, anxiety, and depression people have experienced due to the pandemic and remote working. Stress relief and aromatherapy applications are more popular than ever and it’s a lucrative time to start a diffuser business. The global aromatherapy market is estimated to be at $1.6 billion USD as of 2020 and is projected to grow 11.8% between 2021- 2028. The rise of aromatherapy practices has grown substantially over the past few years with many consumers using alternative medicinal therapy which ranges from mental health to skincare.

Versatile Uses For Diffusers

When people hear aromatherapy a few notions come to mind from essential oils to clay masks, but one of the most popular tools is diffusers. Diffusers come in a few varieties but the most popular are oil diffusers and reed diffusers which transform essential oils into liquid vapor. If you’re looking to combine your love of essential oils with the versatile properties of diffusers, look no further.

Diffuser Business

Essential Oils 101

Essential oils offer a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties to help alleviate stress, headaches, aching joints, and improve skin conditions. The scientific properties derive from a single plant like mint or lavender and then are distilled into oil which is why they come in so many varieties. There has been a steady appetite for plant-based products that aren’t synthetic or derived from animals, so essential oils meet the need for people looking to source organic products. They are often used in diffusers, humidifiers, and used topically for skincare.

Essential oils have no major side effects making them a valuable commodity for different industries that are looking to incorporate them into their products. Their benefits help to treat certain medical conditions and have been used in high-quality studies to help improve sleep, decrease inflammation, and potentially fight bacterial infections.

The most popular scents in the past few years are mint, lavender, peppermint, and citrus flavors. These scents have been incorporated into household cleaning products, cosmetics, and beauty supplies like soap to maximize their mental and emotional healing properties. They are often used the most with diffusers, because of the versatility diffusers have to be incorporated into a home or business.

How to Start Your Diffuser Business

Diffusers are a low-effort entry into self-care which is why they are so popular with essential oils products. A diffuser disappears the essential oils into the air which varies on the type of diffuser you use. Basically, they fill the air with the tiny essential oil particles for you to inhale which provide a calming effect or set the tone for your space. Before you decide what essential oils you want to use, you need to determine what type of diffuser is best for your business.

There are several different types of diffusers, but the main 4 are:

  1. Nebulizing Diffusers: Do not require water or heat and are eco-friendly due to being plastic-free.
  2. Ultrasonic or Humidifying Diffusers: Similar to a cold humidifier they help add moisture to the air during the chillier months.
  3. Evaporative: This transforms the oil into gas which creates an aromatic sensation.
  4. Heat or Electric Diffusers: These are silent diffusers that are often seen with candles or lamp rings.

If you’re going for an eco-friendly concept, then using a glass diffuser bottle is a versatile and reusable option that allows your consumers to keep their experience simple and organically adorn their space. Glass bottles add an elegant or chic touch and come in a variety of sizes and shapes you’ll love. You won’t be limited or constrained to functions like batteries or electrical outlets which means your consumer may take their glass diffuser bottle anywhere.

After you select the best type of diffuser for your business, begin sourcing the essential oils that you feel best resonate with your brand. Make sure to evaluate your costs and consider whether you’ll sell within a brick-and-mortar store or online as this creates a different experience for your customers.

diffuser business

Marketing Your Diffuser Business

Marketing your diffuser business has never been easier due to the rise of social media and the popularity of online shopping. One of the hallmarks of diffusers is showing the types of accessories that accompany them whether it’s reed diffusers, storage boxes for the essential oils, or decorative stands for your home or business.

Use video platforms like TikTok or YouTube that help you instruct and show how a consumer uses a diffuser, best practices, and where it’s used in their home or business. Customers love visuals and are more inclined to buy a set or bundle of products if they understand how to use them. For example, including a series of videos on diffuser safety and how to clean out the bottles in order to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading through the reeds.

If you go with the glass option, educate your audience on the benefits of using glass and intertwine your brand messaging within the marketing so it shows you are an eco-conscious entrepreneur. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, don’t forget the power of scent marketing and use essential oils within your store that will create the type of experience you want for your customers.

Lucrative Diffuser Business Market

Whether you’re going for holiday-themed scents, floral, or essential oils with a focus on stress relief, these can be marketed as a collection or individually with your diffuser. Your marketing tactics should align with your brand or business and reflect the many benefits of using a diffuser.

If there is one concept that has grown stronger over this past year, it’s a strong awareness of self-care and the best practices which have proved to be very lucrative for the aromatherapy market. Diffusers have come a long way and are now found in a variety of style options that fit the everyday consumer, luxury spa, or local business.

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