Trendy Marketing Ideas for Cosmetics Brands

Cosmetics Brands

Trends for cosmetics brands are evolving. This reflects in the estimated growth projection of 3.51% between 2021-2026. One stagnant trend is that the cosmetics industry leans heavily into glass packaging due to its luxurious aesthetic and dynamic usage. The versatility of glass containers makes them easy to use in packaging different types of cosmetics products. Additionally, trends have begun to emerge across retail glass packaging, minimalism, and text-centric designs. Are you looking to reinvigorate your cosmetics brand marketing? Read more below!

The Power of Cosmetics Packaging

Nostalgia is running high for everyone yearning for the glamor of yesterday, and cosmetics brands are no exception.

2022 is leaning into nostalgic Y2K aesthetics like minimalist typefaces, simple labels, and pops of color mists.

These include vibrant colors and “retro-futurist” geometric shapes that resemble early 2000s designs.

Packaging Ideas for Cosmetics Brands

Beauty brands have learned the strength of marketing their products relies on the packaging to help tell a part of their brand story.

Here are a few ways you can use product packaging to strengthen your beauty marketing campaign:

  • Refillable products for a sustainable future
  • Glass packaging styles for pump sprays
  • Metal and bamboo lids for luxurious aesthetics
  • Collaborating with an influencer or designer to release a limited edition version of your product

Creating compelling visual content can be challenging. Cosmetics brands like Fenty use ornate colors and texts on the packaging that make it instantly recognizable.

Product Labels for Cosmetics Brands

You can adapt your packaging by creating product labels that tell your brand story. Add your company morals, values, and philosophies to product labels. Also, don’t miss an opportunity to highlight rich ingredients, recycling, or key product features on your labels.

Investing in product labels that are transferable onto luxury items like glass can support the shape of the bottle and your brand.

Cosmetics Brands

The Importance of Humanizing Your Brand

Relatability establishes a strong connection between a customer and your brand. Consumers want to see people like them using your products. This could mean leveraging the nuance of everyday life to market your social media campaigns.

Cosmetics brands can be quirky, sultry, sexy, and versatile in their messaging. They can capitalize on the quirkiness of their messaging by the people, places, or pets they include in their marketing.

Using a dog might seem like an off-brand idea, but consumers love authentic and genuine content in their advertising.

Cosmetics Brands & Influencer Marketing

If creating relatable content sounds challenging, find influencers that have strong relationships with their followers. Influencers have a natural way of connecting with people online that isn’t forced or fake which helps equate to big sales.

Influencer campaigns and beauty affiliates can help you incorporate user-generated posts that are relatable, unique, and fresh.

  • Compile a list of your top consumers and invite them to a focus group where you can discuss their favorite influencers.
  • Host a contest where you invite your online audience to submit short or long-form videos using your latest products and then repost the winner.

Brand Voice is a Key Element

A key aspect of developing a winning cosmetics marketing strategy is to create a unique and distinct brand voice that connects with audiences. Examining the tone and voice of your brand can help you fill the gap between audiences and your products.

For example, if you’re a luxury brand, having a friendly but chic tone is important if you plan to appeal to a mass audience.

Product marketing must connect audiences to what you are selling. This is accomplished by featuring cosmetics in stylized photos, customization, and a variety of landscapes.

You can also leverage online communities on social media like Facebook groups, hashtags, and Twitter to create organic and engaging conversations with your audience.

Cosmetics Brands

Become a Content Driven Brand

Content never goes out of style for cosmetics brands.

Today’s climate provides several avenues for creating authentic and fun content that can be marketed in several ways. Look at social accounts like TikTok & Instagram Reels, which use short videos to tell a story.

We’ve seen viral trends that use sound bites, before and after videos, duets, and influencer collaborations to market a product.

Cosmetic Brands Case Studies

  • Fenty hit it out of the park with a digital launch strictly using 100% digital content that uses “beauty for all” as a slogan. The result was a massive, diverse, and inclusive brand that has made it a household name. Fenty relies on influencers, digital marketing, and online ads to connect with younger audiences on social media.
  • Huda Beauty created influencer partnerships as a key driver for the success of its content strategy. Influencers are the face of the brand and account for 81% of the brand’s media impact value.
  • Colourpop grew in popularity as a “fast beauty brand” that provided an array of makeup and accessories at an affordable price. They leveraged giveaways to increase their social following, connect with new customers, and promote new products.

Other Ways to Market Cosmetics Brands

Social media may rule the online hemisphere, but beauty brands are still finding success with email marketing and print ads. Creating the right content strategy for your brand is based on resources, assets, and how innovative your product market can be.

Even small businesses can find success by diversifying their content strategy with different types of content to connect with their audience. Authenticity is always key with any content in order for it to resonate.

Keep your marketing campaigns organized with a content calendar to avoid any repetitive content.


You can take the traditional route of marketing with emails and billboards or switch it up. Innovate your social media accounts or invest in online ads to authentically market your cosmetics brand.

The best beauty brands on social media are innovating and pivoting their content to what their customers respond to.

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