7 Creative Winter Candle Packaging Trends

Candle packaging trends change throughout the year, and businesses benefit from staying up to date. With winter now upon us, candle makers have the opportunity to make themed candles for the season. Let’s explore 7 unique packaging ideas for your candle rollouts this winter.

1. Holiday-themed Candle Lines

If you’re planning a full candle line for the winter season, consider theming the set for the holidays. With matching glass packaging and seasonal labels, your product line is sure to draw attention. Incorporate some holiday motifs into your candle labels: a gingerbread family, candy canes, and perhaps pine trees. Imagery of the same art style, and matching typography, will solidify your next set of candles as a themed product line.

2. Ribbons & Twine

Winter candle with a ribbon

To make an ornate candle for the winter, wrap your jar with ribbon or twine. Most commonly, candle makers wrap one of these materials around the top of the candle or jar and make a simple knot. This design approach adds a homemade feel that customers appreciate during the gift-giving season.

Ribbons are a staple during the winter holidays. This small decoration will make customers envision your candle as a gift before even making a purchase. If you’re geared toward the holidays, ribbon is a safe choice. Meanwhile, twine fits well in rustic and minimal designs. The thin material is a perfect packaging accessory to align your brand with elegance.

3. Golden Foil

Many candle makers package their products with candle boxes, square cardboard that acts as exterior packaging around the jar. If this idea appeals to you for your winter product ideas, consider lining the inside of your candle boxes with sheets of gold-colored foil. The shiny color will make your candle stand out inside the box, and the color is perfect for the winter holidays.

Instead of working in a box, your brand may instead use gold foil as wrapping material around the glass jar. This is a more minimal approach, and still plenty elegant while conserving packaging materials. Just as gold wins over winter shoppers, the same goes for other metallic colors like silver and cobalt blue.

4. Tinsel & Snow

Candles with tinsel

Other packaging accessories that accompany candle boxes are holiday tinsel and fake snow. Like shiny foil, these decorations attract attention. Tinsel and snow place your candle in a relatable setting for your customers, creating a snowglobe-like atmosphere inside the box. 

5. Tissue Wraps

For the minimalist winter candle, simply try wrapping your container in tissue. Avoid adhesives and keep the tissue in place with an easy ribbon knot at the top of the candle container.

In this design style, removable labels will best suit your candles. Try a basic knot that ties your candle label to the ribbon. Customers will remove the label after making the purchase, leaving a cleanly-designed candle in their homes.

6. Tea Saucers

Particularly for votive candles, small tea saucers make for uniquely attractive packaging decor. People stay huddled warm indoors during the winter, and a cup of tea speaks to the coziness of the season. 

If a tea saucer suits your winter candle, consider completing the design with cut paper or tissue shreds of contrasting color. Tea or herb-related images also match the aesthetic. Think about implementing icons like this on the candle box or glass container. 

7. Turn Your Candle into a Christmas Gift

Winter is the season for giving, and shoppers are getting ready to make their loved ones smile. Although the holidays bring out generosity, many shoppers are averse to the gift-wrapping process. Make things easy for your customers this winter by packaging your candle as a ready-to-go gift. With your candle poured and set in the jar, box it up and give it the works. Holiday wrapping paper, a recipient tag, and a bow will all make your candle more convenient as a seasonal gift.


Your candle business has the opportunity to capitalize on a number of packaging trends this winter season. Some trends play into the holidays, some speak to the pure aesthetic of the season, and others focus on staying warm. Whether your vision is extravagant or minimal, let your candles branch out into the cheerful themes of the season.

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