Closures & Dispensers for Glass Packaging

Add the finishing touch to glass containers with our range of closures and accessories.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality yet affordable glass bottles and jar accessories ideal for product packaging. You’ll find caps, closures, and dispensers including metal caps, plastic screw caps, plastic pumps, and misters, pour spouts, and synthetic cork stoppers with metal and plastic tops.

You’ll also find corresponding accessories made of natural materials including wood tops for reed diffusers, wood spoons, natural cork stoppers and bamboo lids.  For corresponding containers, please be sure to explore our bottle and jar collections for a complete packaging solution.


Pumps & Misters
The ideal dispenser for your beauty and fragrance products, our pumps and misters offer smooth dispensing action and an attractive look. You’ll find various styles and sizes of pumps and misters such as the plastic pump for jars or classic mister for bottles in colors of clear, white and black.


Screw Caps
Our screw caps allow you to create secure and attractive packaging for your unique products. You’ll find metal bottle caps, metal jar caps and plastic screw caps for a range of threaded neck bottle and jar sizes including wide-mouth styles. Cap finishes vary from silver to black to fit the look of your desired product packaging. We also offer Bakelite screw caps for those requiring plastic closures.


Jar and bottle corks are at once functional and decorative. They work nicely for topping off packaging for specialty, beauty, and fragrance products. You’ll find agglomerated corks in a range of sizes and styles from small tapered corks for slender necked bottles to large cork lids for candle containers.

Bar Tops offer a quality closure for your craft and specialty products. Our bar top range is filled with a wide array of top material, finish and cork materials to fit the desired function and look for your bottle packaging. You’ll find natural cork and synthetic shanks topped with smooth or ribbed plastic, wood or metal in a variety of classic and contemporary finishes.
scb070-bamboo-lid-7536-6154-n (1)
Our bamboo lids make the ideal closure for candle containers and glass jars. Natural bamboo is sure to add an organic earthy touch to your candle and product packaging.
Pour spouts are ideal for speed and consistency in dispensing liquids. Available in standard sizes, we offer pour spouts with stainless steel nozzles fitted with plastic caps or metal closures. These high quality pour spouts are ideal for packaging and dispensing your specialty and craft liquids.
Add a decorative and functional touch to your reed diffuser with wood diffuser tops. Our high quality tops work perfectly with both threaded and non-threaded bottle styles. They are designed with a raw wood collar with metal ring that allows the reeds to absorb the fragrance oil without discoloring the wood top itself.
Candle lids offer the finishing touch to your candle packaging. Our metal jar lids make the perfect topper for keeping your scented candle fresh and presented in a stylish fashion.
Our glass tops add an elegant finishing touch to your beauty, fragrance or specialty product packaging. Each of our glass tops has a ball shape tapering down to a slender neck with plastic stopper for a snug fit. Choose from clear glass or a myriad of colors to match your bottle.